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One very rainy morning there was a group of crazy car enthusiasts meeting up in a storm. But after every storm, there lies… A rainbow of GTIs!

Amongst them was one that caught all the 小妹妹 & 小弟弟 eyes!

Now U know that cute things on cars aren’t always a bad thing as long as it’s tastefully done!


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Viewers Choice Awards

Attended The Viewers Choice Awards dinner gala last Friday at the Shangri-La Hotel. It was a night of great food, great company and great entertainment!

Congratulations to MCYS winner of local catergory and Hyudai winner of international category.

My predictictions were all wrong! I guessed that Tiger Beer(local) and Heineken(international) would have won as their ads are so funny! Although I’m no beer drinker but I really love the screaming men in a room full of beer! It’s hilarious!

Kumar was there to entertain us as well and he looks the same – never aged a single bit! Still remember his shows vividly when I was in school – The RaRa Show! I still love his jokes – crude and straight up! And he has included some new ones in this new act. Previously when I saw him in Boom Boom Room (eons ago) and then after in another occasion, he was using similar jokes and I was kinda expecting to hear his old jokes and not be too surprised. He even included Jack Neo in his acts! LOL!

Didn’t take much pics that night, but here’s the few that I took!



BTW, have you been voting for “Gigi” (ME) as Favorite Female Character for Star Awards? If not, please do so everyday! 😛


> The Ultimatum


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