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IMG_4043Photo taken after using Voile under my make up

I attended the launch of this latest product by NuBo last week with colleagues from the lovely Starz People at the restaurant & bar & Harvey Nichols in Landmark, Central – Hi-Tea party style. We tried their various signature products like the White Diamond Ice Glow Mask, Cell Dynamic Essence Bio-Gold & of course the newly launched Voile in Hong Kong.



We had to fill in a questionnaire about our skin concerns and they would recommend you suitable products to try out.

IMG_3972Trying out the White Diamond Ice Glow Mask which is perfect for dehydrated skin. My hands felt so pampered and smooth after only 10 minutes.


I immediately fell in love with the Voile & so did my colleagues! The Voile forms a really smooth film over your skin making it look flawless & hides imperfections.


The Voile is a treatment make up base which is suitable for all skin types. It has anti-aging properties to mattify the skin and hides fine lines and wrinkles, making make up application much easier and skin more beautiful. It also has water resistant qualities to help make up stay on all day comfortably. After using Voile, I realised I don’t really need to use filters or apps like 美图秀秀 to smoothen my skin further! It’s really that good and instant. TWO THUMBS UP!

NuBo Voile’s Key Ingredients are:

  • Bio-Peptides – for wrinkle reduction and stimulates skin’s natural collagen, elastin & Hyaluronic Acid  production
  • New Matrixyl synthe’6 – clinical studies states a 31% reduction in crows feet in 6 weeks twice a day application
  • Inyline – reduces depth of wrinkles by 15% in 4 weeks twice a day application
  • Syn-ake – Botox-like effect to relax expression lines in 90s after application. With twice a day application, clinical studies states a 52% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Blurring formula – a breathable micro-film instantly lifts, firms and mattifies skin. Giving you a fresher younger appearance.


A bottle of NuBo Voile retails at HK$650 per bottle of 30ml and is exclusively available at Harvey Nichols LANDMARK Beyond Beauty, Harvey Nichols Pacific Place Beyond Beauty and Beauty Bazaar Beyond Beauty.



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Attended the Miss Dior fragrance event last night at IFC’s oval atrium graced by the guest-of-honour, HK celebrity, Kelly Chen. A group of us models of mixed nationalities (ranging from Japan, Taiwan, Korean, Hong Kong and of course Singapore) represented Starz People HK at the event.


When we arrived at the event, we were greeted by a swarm of photographers, flashlights bursting non-stop, adding to the glitz & glamour of it. At the entrance, Dior’s perfumers, who are specially flown in from France, sat a workstation to show off their craft of perfumery.





Each bottle of perfume is painstakingly bottled, capped and bow-tied by hand by these Artisans, making every single bottle of Dior’s perfume unique.

We were each given a bottle of J’Adore Voile de Parfum.


This fragrance has strong rose scent and is a mixture of musky, powdery & floral. Extremely feminine. One spritz of this leaves you feeling all sexy yet elegant with the right amount of feminine charm. Perfect for that special date-night!


Which also explains the huge bed of fresh pink roses as the backdrop for their signature “CD” brand. The rose fragrance is the main focus in all Dior’s range of perfumes.


Totally in love with all the pretty pink hues from fresh roses to the feminine Miss Dior bottle! Can’t help to take lots of photos of anything in PINK – my favourite colour! Decked out in my rainbow knitted-dress that fits the perfect summery look!


One last selfie with fellow models from Starz People before the night ended!



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Needed some really pretty nails to match my Great Gatsby outfit & accessories to attend a theme party over the weekend. And thanks to MyVisitDay.com they arranged a soft-gel nail treat for me at Nail & Waxing@LKF to get them “dressed-up” for the party!



Met Fran who is the boss-lady who also did my nails for the occasion. Fran is originally from HK but she was raised in Canada (hence fluent in Cantonese & English), learning the trade of nails & waxing when she was there. She has been in the business for a long time with her first nail/waxing salon in Canada. She had to give up her business back in Canada to come back to HK because of family (which is the most important thing in the world IMO) and thus she opened up Nail & Waxing@LKF 4 years back. I told Fran about my theme party & what I was gonna wear, so she let her creative juices flow & thought up of a nice set of nails to go with my outfit for the night… I was in for a NICE surprise!


After about 2.5 hours of meticulous manicure with a revitalisation hand scrub, I was presented with the most beautiful set of soft-gel nails!!! Sparkly but yet edgy & not too girly because I’m not a girly-girl. Perfect for me!


They look even nicer with the accessories I donned on for the event! The nails completed the whole look perfectly! Thank you Fran!


Here’s some pix I took to create the whole Great Gatsby look… It’s all about accessories & bling! (with a modern touch of sparkly nails to add!)




If you want a good professionally done manicure & pedicure with someone who speaks perfect English & Cantonese, do look up Fran from Nail & Waxing@LKF. She will do magic to your nails!


There’s a promotion going on from now till 30 April 2014 (who doesn’t like discounts?!). For the soak off gel manicure + revitalising hand scrub treatment that I did (additional charges apply for nail art), it’s now 30% off!


Drop by Nail & Waxing@LKF for a visit soon as Summer is approaching and we do need pretty mani’s & pedi’s to show off in the Summer! 😉

Nail & Waxing @ LKF
11/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong,
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2530 2022

Website: http://nailatlkf.hk/central/

Remember to also LIKE their Facebook Page!


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17 September was the gala of Echoing Love held at Shaw Lido 1.

All the celebrities met up at Singapore Flyer beforehand to take the topless tour bus to Lido! All thanks to Terrence! It was a nice cool night with a great view of the Singapore Flyer and F1 track from the topless deck. With a beautiful city skyline & great vantage point, its no surprise that we took lotsa photos from the bus posing for multiple cameras…

I was so excited as I never watched the end product of the film I did with Gerald Chew. And I found out that no one other than Edmund Chen & Xiang Yun has watched it. So all of us were anticipating the gala.

The movie consists of 6 different love stories all mashed into one & I was surprised that my story was the first to air! Honestly, I’m still not used watching myself on screen. And I will start nit picking on all my flaws!(in my heart of course) Lol! I love that how all the stories are so different in style & storyline but they are linked by the theme of “Love” be it friendship, romantic, family or accidental. Love has no boundaries. I really enjoyed the end product of Echoing Love! It really managed to pull people’s heartstrings & make it really memorable.

I just want to thank Edmund for giving me this chance to be part of his project & part of ECTV.sg! It was a fantastic learning experience as he gave me so much great advice & helped me improve on my acting. 🙂









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Attended the Pantene Beauty Round Table this morning over a nice luncheon at Stellar@1-Altitude to talk about hair care & how to improve our hair texture.

I took up the Pantene 14-Day Challenge and started using the Hairfall Range. Yes, the word “Hairfall” is such a sensitive word to us girls! But I have to admit that ever since I entered the entertainment industry on top of my frequent scuba diving, I realized how much more hair I have been dropping. 😦 initially I thought it was hair loss but then I realized it’s due to hair breakage from really dry and damaged hair. After talking to Dr Jasmine Karsono, I learnt so many useful things about hair. Styling, blow-drying, back-combing are all well known factors to damaged hair. But Dr Karsono told me that salt water is even worse! As salt dehydrates the hair a lot more on top of the prolonged UV exposure which makes hair so much more brittle and prone to breakage. No wonder I get so depressed looking at the amount of hair I drop washing my hair after scuba diving! And the many days after.

So…. I used the Hairfall range and I’m still using it as I really love the effects that it has on my hair texture. I used to wake up with really tangled and unruly hair spending quite some time brushing my hair. But after the 7th day of using Pantene’s Hairfall range, I found brushing my hair in the mornings so much easier and less hair is found on my brush. On top of that I too changed to a new Protection brush by Acca Kappa which helped with the brushing through my tangles. My hair now is a lot more shiny especially on the crown of my head and texture is slowly improving. I can’t wait for my hair to feel baby soft again!

Now I am a big fan of Pantene’s Hairfall range! And to all of you out there suffering from easy hair breakage like me, please go to your nearest supermarket of pharmacy to grab the Hairfall range and take up this 14-day challenge! (TIP: if your hair is really dry n weak, use the treatment in place of the conditioner – that’s what I’m doing!)







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My friend’s bunny Monster (charcoal colored one) will be up for the prize of Best Breed tomorrow at Suntec City Tower 1, 2-5pm. If u happen to be in the area do go down and support this cute li’l bunny!

Their other mixed breed Totoro (brown/white one) is not in the competition but is my fave bunny as she can be flipped on he back and falls asleep on my lap with her legs 四脚朝天! Hilarious!


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Love, Chloe Fragrance Launch

Last week I went to the Fullerton Presidential Suite to attend a lovely evening of canapé & champagne. I’ve never been in any presidential suites before and this experience was great to step into one of Singapore’s most exclusive ones!

Every guest at the event had the privilege to have their very own instant photoshoot donning the exquisite cape from Chloe flown in from Paris just for the event. It was real fun being thrown into a “studio” created at the suite’s balcony. And I simply love how my picture turned out, very film noir. And every photo taken was put up on a photo wall for the judges to vote their favourite photo that depicts the fragrance’s ideal of love & romance. Congratulations to Jasmine on winning $1000 voucher!

Here’s some photos taken from the night. Enjoy!


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