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Meeting Hidetoshi Nakata

Hello everyone!

Last Friday was the launch of CK X underwear and Nakata flew down to grace the event as he’s the latest CK underwear model!!! He’s sucha cutie with a perfect body! Love those abs n rock hard glutes!

It’s a pity he didn’t parade around in the latest underwear but who cares! Guess what? I used to watch soccer because of him & Kaka! (no surprise right? Tons of girls r into soccer not only for the sport but also for the eye candy!)

It’s a pity Nakata retired. One less talented player around. I was one happy girl when I managed to take a photo with him making many other girls there to see him green with envy. (sorry girls! :P) that brief meeting was good enough to make my weekend and it was time to leave once my mission was completed! (I was feeling too hot as there was too many scantily clad males around! *joking* I WAS feeling hot – not from men – from the lack of air con think there were too many ppl there just to see him & the air con refused to work!)

Didn’t get a lot of pics that night but my friend Ren has lots more posted on FB.


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