Breast-feeding 101

Hello all!

It’s been 2+ months since I’ve became a walking milk-bottle to our little Keia, and I’m still learning to be a mom. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far (through experience & Googling) and would like to share with fellow new mummies out there.


The initial 3-4 days of breastfeeding after your baby is born👶🏻, your boobs only produce a runny liquid called colostrum that’s oh so important to build up your baby’s immunity to fight against bacteria & viruses. It is important to latch on and/or pump every 3 hours religiously as it is not only good for your baby, it will kick start your milk flow for breastfeeding.


From my very own experience, massaging out every single lump (these are blocked milk ducts) while pumping is a MUST. Make sure you really empty the boobs of milk at each pump/feed to prevent Mastitis (infection of clogged milk ducts). I had an early onset of this during my 4th week as a #newmom though I thought I was emptying at each pump/nurse but I wasn’t massaging enough. Experiencing 2 days of high fever without medication due to allergies (39.7 degrees!) really isn’t the best feeling 😷 having to continue nursing your babe, and feeling like a bear with a sore head. Massaging your boobies during the feeding/pumping session also provides relief to sore engorged boobs – do engage your hubby to join in the fun too🙈. Once your baby’s suction is strong enough (usually 5/6th weeks old), she will naturally help you drain your milk-filled boobs & massaging can stop.


This usually occurs around 3rd & 6th weeks, 2, 3, 6 & 9 months. Your baby will suddenly want to feed like CRAZY! I mean like every 30-60 minutes. Looking back at my 3rd week, I was literally sitting at the sofa all day long nursing Keia without any time to use the toilet/shower/eat/drink. I felt I wasn’t producing enough for her appetite, but it’s a supply & demand thing. The more you nurse, your milk supply will naturally increase. Hence, it’s important to pump when you miss a feed to maintain the supply of liquid white gold.


For you to produce more milk, your body needs a lot of water & rest. The more rest in between feeds, increases your milk production naturally. That is why breastmilk is usually the most in the mornings after a night’s rest (whatever shuteye you manage to get😴). Eating nutritious food is also important, as whatever you eat is translated into your milk. Do avoid broccoli🥦, cauliflower, cabbage, onions as these foods can make your milk gassy & create an unhappy baby.


It is important to burp your baby after each boob or 30-60ml if you’re 🍼 bottle feeding. Sometimes your baby fusses not only because of hunger, but because of tummy discomfort from trapped air. Try different methods of burping. For me, I rotate between 3 techniques each time I burp Keia – over the shoulder, patting her back while she sits upright on my lap & rotating her in circles on my lap. Find your fav burping style with your little one through trial & error.


Make sure you have proper back support with a lot of pillows or use a breastfeeding pillow (I use @mybrestfriend) because you will sit down to breastfeeding for long periods of time. Find alternatives like lying down to feed when your baby gets too heavy (I do this for night feeds so that I can catch some extra winks), football hold, cradle hold, etc.

Hope this helps soon-to-be mummies & first time moms like myself!

Comment or PM me if you have any questions.



The first thing that I did when I found out about our pregnancy was to Google the Do’s & Don’ts during a pregnancy. Here’s a list that I’ve complied to share with all you mums-to-be. I’ve also included the list given to me by my gynaecologist.


  1. Find a good gynaecologist that you are comfortable with. I find that it’s very important to be comfortable and happy with your interactions with your gynaecologist as you will be chatting with him/her for the next 9 months. I never had a regular gynaecologist, so I had to scour the internet, Geoexpat and Asiaexpat forums to read reviews for a good female gynaecologist in Hong Kong. After doing much research, I decided to try out Dr Grace Cheung from Central Health located in HK Central area. After our first visit with her, we were both highly satisfied with her as she is very meticulous, friendly, doesn’t rush through consultations (apparently a lot of gynaecologists in HK are impatient and rush through the consultations with a time cap of 10 minutes per person). The midwives in the clinic are all very friendly, truly concerned for your well-being, and happy. Perfect environment for a hormonal mommy-to-be. A happy mommy makes a happy baby right?
  2. Start on folic acid, maternity supplements and omega 3 supplements, if you haven’t already started. I wasn’t on any supplements before getting pregnant, so I had to immediately get some. Folic acid supplements are important for the first 13 weeks of the baby’s development. Omega 3 supplements should be taken until 34 weeks of pregnancy and continued after delivery during breastfeeding.
  3. Continue your regular exercise. Exercising throughout your pregnancy is important . Do seek your doctor’s approval first though to ensure both mother and baby is healthy enough to keep up with the exercise regime. However, do not start on anything vigorous if you haven’t been active before the pregnancy. For myself, I maintained my regular 5-8km runs at a much slower pace.
  4. Wash all salads, vegetables and fruit thoroughly. Ensure that anything fresh you eat is washed with fruit and vegetable wash to remove all fertilisers, possible bacteria contaminations and soil.
  5. Only eat homemade salads and fresh fruit. 
  6. Eat more high calcium foods like yoghurt, milk, pasteurised cheese. Your baby will require a lot of calcium to build its bones, and if your calcium intake is not sufficient, your baby will start drawing calcium from your own bones which will affect you later in life.
  7. Ensure that reheated food is piping hot to kill off any bacteria.
  8. Regrigerate and use pre-cooked, perishable foods ASAP.
  9. Wash all surfaces and utensils which has touched raw food thoroughly.
  10. Only eat fully cooked eggs. No more runny, half-boiled eggs. Avoid homemade mayonnaise, foods that contains raw eggs like Tiramisu, mousse, ramen egg and non-baked cheesecakes. This is to avoid contracting Salmonella (read more about this below)
  11. Limit your caffeine intake to ONE cup of coffee/tea per day. Herbal teas are ok to drink but ensure that they are not Made in China as those may contain biologically active compounds.
  12. Stay positive and happy. Take things easy and reduce environmental stress.

From my doctor:

  1. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet.
  2. Remember to inform your doctors and dentist that you are pregnant. This information is needed for them to prescribe medications and decide if you’re fit for an x-ray or medical procedures.


  1. Stop drinking alcohol. I’ve been quite a party pooper since the pregnancy and can’t enjoy an alcoholic drink with friends. The sacrifices we have to make as a mother.
  2. Stop smoking and the use of recreational drugs. I’ve personally have been avoiding standing beside smokers as well because I feel that inhaling second hand smoke is even worse. Smoking during pregnancy has been proven to increase the risk of premature birth, lower birth weight and sudden infant deaths.
  3. Do not change kitty litter. Get someone to do it for you or if you really have to, wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after. Kitty litter is known to contain toxoplasmosis bacteria(read more about this below) which once contracted will show no symptoms.
  4. Stop using products that contain salicylic acid and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). Check if your shampoos, skincare and soaps contain them and change them. Stop going for any chemical skin peels as well.
  5. Do not use Botox. If you have been a constant user of Botox, stop it when you are pregnant.
  6. Stop eating raw or undercooked food like sashimi , Carpaccio and half-cooked steaks. This is to avoid any food poisoning from listeria and salmonella bacteria (details below) which can cause severe dehydration to the mum and baby.
  7. Do not increase your exercise regime. Being pregnant is not the time to take on a new intense workout. If you have been running, dancing, highly active before pregnancy, you can keep it up. However, if you have been inactive, recommended exercises for pregnant mums are yoga and pilates.
  8. Avoid raising your body temperature and overheating. Saunas, hot tub jacuzzis and steam baths are not recommended and the increased body heat will cut off blood circulation to the foetus. Affecting your baby’s development.
  9. Don’t move heavy furniture and do any heavy lifting. 
  10. Avoid eating fish that are high in mercury. Fish meat like shark, tuna, swordfish are known to contain high levels of mercury. Check out the safe list of fish to eat here.
  11. Stop eating unpasteurised cheeses. Avoid soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Blue Cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella, feta, goat cheese. There’s a chance that these cheese contains listeria which can cause miscarriages.
  12. Avoid eating unsealed food from salad bars, buffets and fast food outlets.
  13. Do not eat expired food.

From my doctor:

  1. Do not take Ibuprofen or over the counter drugs. There are many cold and flu remedies that shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy which includes Nurofen and Advil. Paracetamol is ok, however it is best to consult a doctor whenever you are sick and not self medicate.
  2. Do not consume large amounts of sot and flaxseed. These products contain phytoestrogens which have estrogenic properties. It is only safe to consume less than 30g per day.
  3. Do not eat excessive liver products. These foods present a risk of Vitamin A toxicity. Cod liver oil or supplements containing Vitamin A should be avoided unless approved by your doctor. Liver can be eaten but not more than once a week.
  4. Do not increase your exercise regime. 
  5. Do not let your body overheat – avoid jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms.
  6. Avoid contact with Lamb & Sheep. They can be the source of an organism  called Chlamydia psittaci which is known to cause miscarriage in ewes. They are also know to carry Toxoplasma. If you experience flu symptoms after contact with sheep, immediately consult your doctor.


This type of bacteria can cause serious food poisoning if contracted during pregnancy. It generally has no symptoms but can cause fever, headache, backspin and sore throats. It can be passed through the placenta and possibly lead to miscarriage, premature or still birth. It is important for pregnant women to avoid foods that may contain listeria like unpasteurised milk, soft cheeses, smoked fish products, refrigerated pates and foods from deli counters like sliced meats, hams, and poultry products.


Salmonella bacteria causes one of the most common types of food poisoning. It can be very nasty with severe vomiting, diarrhoea, high fever and headaches. The greatest risk to the mum and baby is severe dehydration and many sufferers need hospital admission for treatment.


Cat faeces and soil may contain the organism which causes this. A woman who is newly infected with Toxoplasma during pregnancy can pass the infection to her unborn child. There may be no symptoms, but can have severe consequences for the unborn child.

I know there’s a lot of sacrifices and changes in lifestyle that all mums-to-be have to go through for the next 9 months, but it is all worth it when you give birth to a healthy, happy baby to hold in your arms. For me, I’ve been craving for an occasional glass of wine with a slab of rare steak, but it is a big NO-NO now until the baby is born. You are not alone! I hope this list helps those new-found mummies out there and congratulations on your pregnancy!



Pregnant in Hong Kong

Hello peeps!

Since I’ve made my baby announcement, I can finally start blogging about my first trimester experiences while the memories are still fresh.

11 August 2017, Friday – The Discovery

We first discovered about this little development in my womb on 11 August 2017, Friday. I remember testing myself at home because my period was a little late and we were going to meet friends for dinner and drinks that weekend. So, I got myself tested to just in case I’m pregnant and I should immediately stop my alcohol intake. To my surprise, the test came out positive! I didn’t really think it would turn positive as I didn’t experience any obvious symptoms other than my usual PMS ones like swollen boobs, water retention and a thicker belly from the thickening of the uterus wall before every period. I was 5 weeks pregnant. This is me at 5 weeks: 

5 weeks pregnant

I immediately sent a text to my hubby who was extremely busy at work (he was in printers for an IPO submission that very day), and I got an immediate response from him! Usually when he is in printers, he doesn’t reply my texts till much later when he takes a breather. Guess he was so happy and excited about the unexpected news that he had to reply. That very day marks a big change in our lives – we are going to be parents! And yes, from that day onwards I am going to be a real party pooper and can’t drink with friends… hahaha!

Our first meeting with Baby…

After I found out about our pregnancy, I immediately went to read up about pregnancy Do’s & Don’ts (read more about this my next post). We also quickly made our appointment with a gynaecologist to confirm the pregnancy. Though pee sticks are 99% accurate, we had to be 100% certain and also to ensure the baby and I are both healthy. Our first appointment was on 23 August, but our baby was so shy that it coincided with Typhoon Hato and we had to reschedule our meeting. We finally get to see our baby on the ultrasound screen for the very first time on 31 August!

8 week ultrasound photo

Seeing our little one for the very first time felt surreal… at 8 weeks he/she is the size of a kidney bean as you can see in the ultrasound image. Confirming the pregnancy! Up until the scan it still felt like the pregnancy wasn’t real as I didn’t have morning sickness which was a main telltale sign of pregnancy. I guess I’m one of those lucky few! Yay!


Like every first time mums, experiencing pregnancy for the first time is really exciting and I really wanted to document every moment of it. Hence, I took weekly bumpie pics to see the slow changes in my body as the weeks go by:

My Personal Symptoms

The main big difference to me was my boobs are perpetually sore and my sense of smell became extra sensitive (I already had a keen sense of smell, but now, the faintest smell from far away affects me). It was so sensitive that I couldn’t cook at home anymore, as the smell from oils, garlic, spices, seafood etc just made me sick.

As the weeks passed, I noticed changes in my appetite too. It was insatiable but yet I felt full from bloatedness all the time. So it was very confusing. There was a constant struggle of wanting to eat but not being able to swallow anything in. I’ve also lost my usual cravings for snacks and sweets which was a first for me, my favourite foods like salted egg yolk crispy fish skin, chocolates, tom yam seaweed, all suddenly didn’t appeal to me anymore. It’s not like the sight of these foods made me nauseous, it just that I stopped wanting to eat them. I can eat maybe a piece or two and I’m done. Previously, I could easily chow down a whole packet on my own.

Fatigue did set in too. However, my solution to it was to go for a nice slow run. As after every run, I felt great and energised and back to my normal self again. Guess all the serotonin and endorphins that kicks in helps a lot. Of course, I did get my doctor’s approval to continue my regular runs as long as I felt great after each run and not like its torture. I know in most Asian cultures that running and exercising during your pregnancy especially the first trimester is a BIG NO-NO! I did receive a lot of comments from others that I should stop running, but I know my body the best. If I felt any pains, bleeding, discomfort during my runs I would have obviously stopped and discontinue the exercise. On the contrary, exercise did make my first trimester a lot more enjoyable.

My body also didn’t agree with the pregnancy supplements brand Materna– this made me real gassy and stomach constantly felt acidic like I was having gastric all the time. I informed my doctor about this and she changed my prescription to another supplement brand Elevit. After switching brands, I felt a whole lot better. The suitability of supplements depends from person to person as the hormones are going crazy inside making changes to your body to grow this baby.

Looking back, I had a rather smooth sailing first trimester as compared to what others experience. I really have to thank my lucky stars for that and my mother’s good genes as she didn’t experience morning sickness for all 3 kids!

Signing off for now. My next write-up will be on Pregnancy Do’s & Don’ts. Watch out for it!



Hello peeps!

THEFACESHOP Singapore has recently released these new bath and body items from their Nature Collection by BEYOND.

Nature Collection is an extension of THEFACESHOP group that hosts multiple brands in their K-beauty products concept store. This chain of stores offers a curation of the best Korean beauty products that will suit all your different lifestyle and beauty needs.

Today I will review shower gels, shampoo & conditioner by BEYOND. BEYOND is a brand that formulates all their products with eco ingredients grown on lands unpolluted by chemical fertilisers and/or pesticides. Products from BEYOND contains Eco Farming Complex ingredients that help soothe and moisturise skin. All their products are dermatologically tested and does not conduct animal testing. Furthermore, these eco-beauty products contains minimum colorants and fragrances, keeping their formulations as pure and natural as possible.

I got their Summer kit to test out BEYOND’s products. The kit consists of the best body shower collection which is 4 x 60ml bottles of 4 of their favorite shower foams namely – Deep Moisture Olive, Total Recovery, Revital & Deep Moisture. Also inside the kit is BEYOND’s Professional Defence Shampoo & Conditioner.

Professional Defence Shampoo & Conditioner

(450ml, SGD$39.90 each)

I’m currently using the shampoo and conditioner daily and I must say I’m in love with how my hair smells after each wash! Even after a long day and an evening sweaty run in this summer humidity, my hair still smells great! I love clear shampoos as that’s an indicator to me that it deep cleanses my scalp without clogging the pores and cause hair-loss. This is true for the Professional Defence Shampoo, as after washing my hair, I feel that it cleanly eliminates any sebum and pollutants on my scalp which will then encourage healthy hair growth.

I follow it up with the Professional Defence Conditioner. Though the texture of the conditioner isn’t as rich as what I usually use for my dry hair (it’s dry from the constant exposure to the intense sun during Summer), it absorbs into my hair and moisturises it sufficiently. My way of judging whether the conditioner works for my dry hair or not is the “wet hair comb through” test. Like I mentioned, my hair tends to be on the dry side, so I always have difficulties combing my hair after washing it. With my Tanger Teezer, and after using BEYOND’s shampoo and conditioner, my hair was easy to comb through and detangled!

Both the shampoo and conditioner consists anti-oxidant properties that will improve hair texture. Their key ingredients are cranberries, blueberries and juniper berries extracts and patented Sophora root extract that helps keep scalp moisturised, soft and healthy. These ingredients probably contributed to its berri-licious scent which I absolutely love!


BEYOND’s Professional Defence Shampoo:

Cleansing 5/5

Fragrance 5/5

BEYOND’s Professional Defence Conditioner:

Moisturising factor 3.5/5

Fragrance 5/5

Now, onto the shower foams trial. Similarly, I’m first sold to the products by their scent! To rank them just based on how good they smell it would be:

  1. Deep Moisture Shower Cream – smells exactly like honey, which makes me feel like eating it.
  2. Total Recovery Shower Cream – very floral because of the hibiscus flower extract, girly kind of shower foam, on the sweeter side.
  3. Revital Shower Gel – Citrusy and refreshing. Great for a hot summer day.
  4. Deep Moisture Shower Cream – reminds me of baby powder, with a slight scent of olive oil.

Deep Moisture Shower Cream

(250ml, SGD$19.90)

This shower cream contains ingredients which naturally moisturises the skin whilst cleansing.

  • Honey & Rice Milk – natural humectants that attracts moisture to the skin
  • Olives – repairs and stimulate cell regeneration
  • Calendula Marshmallow Lady Mantle – organic certified complex that has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for normal, combination to dry skin types


Scent: 5/5

Moisturising Factor: 3/5

Total Recovery Shower Cream

(250ml, SGD$19.90)

This shower cream is a highly moisturising, anti-aging emulsion that targets extremely dry skin (age 35-50) with great absorption. (I would take this along to dry winter climates like Korea.)

  • Hibiscus Flower extract – rich in anti-oxidants and reduces dress radical damage
  • Yeast Fermentation extract – high concentration of beneficial minerals that helps smoothen the skin
  • Ceramide – straightens skin barrier, protects and maintains moisture
  • Calendula Marshmallow Lady Mantle – organic certified complex that has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for extremely dry skin


Scent: 4/5

Moisture Factor: 4.5/5

Revital Shower Gel

(250ml, SGD$19.90)

This shower gel has a refreshing citrusy scent and rejuvenates tired skin. Perfect for hot and humid Summers.

  • Lemon – lowers PH levels to prevent bacteria growth which causes skin issues like acne
  • Tocopherol – anti-oxidant that prevents and reduces are radical damage
  • Acerola – extremely rich in Vitamin C (34 times higher than that of Lemon) to create elastic & bright skin
  • Calendula Marshmallow Lady Mantle – organic certified complex that has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anthocyanin & Polyphenol – contributes anti-oxidant properties
  • Suitable for sensitive and oily to dry skin. Not for extremely dry skin.


Scent: 3.5/5

Moisture Factor: 2/5

Deep Moisture Olive Shower Cream

(250ml, SGD$19.90)

This shower cream offers an extra moisturising after-feel. Perfect for extremely dry and cold climates.

  • Olive oil– repairs and stimulate cell regeneration
  • Honey & Rice Milk – natural humectants that attracts moisture to the skin
  • Sugarcane – loads of moisturising effects
  • Calendula Marshmallow Lady Mantle – organic certified complex that has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suitable for extremely dry skin or dry environment


Scent: 3/5

Moisture Factor: 4.5/5

For the shower foams, it really depends what you are looking for before deciding on one to get. Personally I would choose the Deep Moisture Shower Cream for its excellent scent and it is sufficiently moisturising for my daily use.



Hi all,

love to be able to conveniently shop for flowers. Since the invention of online shopping, I don’t think there’s a single person in this world that doesn’t wish they can order everything from the comfort of their own home. In one of my online shopping sprees in preparation for my upcoming birthday, I came across a florist in Singapore, that offered less traditional flower creations. In fact, they craft, what you can call, Instagram-worthy bouquets and arrangements.

I found that flowers in Singapore can be expensive, but A Better Florist’s offering is among one of the most affordable ones, considering the kind of breathtaking blooms they make. Their flowers literally look like they come from a fairy tale. It’s a little piece of flower heaven on Earth, that I kept selfishly for myself so far, but I had to finally share my enthusiasm for the best florist in Singapore with all of you.

Their website doesn’t have a huge, endless selection of flower bouquets and arrangements, but each bouquet that’s displayed on the website is fresh and beautiful, and cuts down the time you would waste otherwise scrolling through pages of similar bouquets. I love that they are determined to craft special designed that stand out and cater to all kinds of different people with different tastes.

I suggest that whenever you’re doing online shopping, you do thorough research. While I was researching A Better Florist, to seek for additional testimonials and proof that they are actually as good as they seem to be, I came across a list where they were listed as the best florist in Hong Kong. This obviously led to finding out that they also have Hong Kong flowers delivery and a Dubai Florist, ensuring me that Singapore isn’t the only place that’s gone under the spell of A Better Florist.

Personally, I love flowers for every day, and if it wasn’t for my birthday, I would have ordered a pampering bundle anyways. I always feel better looking at flowers in my home, as they have the ability to lift my spirit. My friend is having a baby soon, so I don’t have to go on a search for the best baby hamper delivery Singapore has to offer, because I already know who the best is. The A Better Florist team always delivers on time and sometimes even within the same day, so I don’t have to play the waiting game and be anxious about when my flowers are going to be delivered.

I highly recommend jumping onto A Better Florists website and checking out their offering, as well as placing an order just to see for yourself how efficient and marvelous these guys are!


Hello Everyone!

With the convenience of online shopping nowadays and the numerous online stores sprouting out, it’s hard to find a good website that you can get a wide variety of pet supplies. I’ve recently discovered this website https://www.kohepets.com.sg which offers a huge variety of pet supplies from pet food to supplements, toys and bath products etc. and it is not limited to cats & dogs, the website even has pet supplies for small pets like chinchillas, birds & hamsters! You can imagine the amount of time I spent surfing that website like a kid in a candy store looking at what I can spoil my doggies with. As most of you know I’m a proud mama to 2 fur-kids Moscow (the Cream Retriever) & Mika (the Shiba Inu), both 9 years of age. Furthermore, Kohepets offers free 2-day express shipping for orders above SGD$60 which isn’t hard to accomplish – a 30lb bag of dry kibbles for Moscow & Mika to last them 1.5 months is easily over the minimum spending.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.06.48 pm

Being a typical bargain hunter, the first tab that I clicked on is the SALE tab, where I found great deals in dog food and offers of free samples to add to your cart (who doesn’t like freebies?).

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.38.57 pm

One of the trusted brands of dog food that I usually get – Wellness CORE Grain Free dry kibbles – is on promotion! Purchasing a bag of 24lb bag comes with 2 cans of grain-free canned food at $132.80. I try to maintain a healthy balanced diet for Moscow & Mika (aka M&M) so that they can live a long life together and only feed them grain-free kibbles. Grain-free dog food is known to benefit your pups in:

  • better digestion of food hence reduced stool amount
  • more energy
  • less shedding
  • healthier skin
  • shinier coat
  • less doggy farts

Although grain-free food tends to be more costly, I find it well worth it as you can’t put a price on your dog’s health. (think about it – a fancy meal costs more than a big bag of dog food to last your pup for a month or two)

On their main homepage, I noticed another promotion on raw dehydrated dog food. I decided to spoil M&M and added Stella & Chewy’s Simply Venison Dinner Patties Freeze-Dried Dog Food to the cart. Venison is a meat that is rarely found fresh in Singapore or Hong Kong and I would love M&M to enjoy it other than their usual fresh minced beef or pork that I would cook for them in addition to their dry kibbles. Hence, freeze dried venison is a good and healthy meat alternative for them.

As you can see M&M are excited with the sight of their newly arrived dog food!

Moscow is a cream retriever which comes under the golden retriever family. Most golden retriever dog owners would know that this breed is prone to hip problems which comes with age. Moscow recently turned 9 in December which means she’s now in her middle-age to senior years. I’ve started Moscow on her daily glucosamine intake since 2 years back to help keep her hips in check. It seems to be working as she’s still very active and runs around like a puppy (certainly doesn’t behave her age) on her daily walks. Therefore, Excel Joint Care Glucosamine is a must to upkeep Moscow’s regular supply.

Moscow is showing off her balancing skills here!

Next, I needed to look for a dog shampoo for Mika as hers is running low.(Moscow goes to the groomers to get her monthly trims, so only Mika gets bathed at home) When I browsed under the “Grooming” tab for shampoos & conditioners, I was totally spoilt for choice! There was 439 options to choose from. After going through all the options, I decided to use what the Mr. recommended which is also on their best-seller list – Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo which is known for relief of itchy and dry skin which Mika gets from time to time especially during shedding season.

A lot of dog owners think that dogs have to shower every few days which is actually a big no-no. Dogs need to build up their natural oils on their coat to keep their fur healthy and water resistant and constant showering removes it all and after regular constant baths, they will stop producing these oils all together which will then make them stink up more easily. Instead, regular brushing to massage and stimulate these oils and to spread them evenly on their coats is better for dogs than showering them ever so often. I only shower Mika every 1-2 months, and I can vouch that her skin is healthy and she doesn’t smell bad.

After a long while, these items were in my shopping cart:

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.04.34 am

and I finally decided to stop my shopping spree and submit the order. Kohepets did live up to the 2 day delivery promise and the goods were delivered to my doorstep promptly. I placed my order in on a Tuesday night and the delivery guy SMSed me on Thursday morning to confirm the delivery timing for Thursday evening.

I am now looking at other items to purchase on their website. Time to stock up on their Frontline supplies! 😉



Hello all!

I was looking to try out the latest 1-Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon in is latest colours – Radiant Shine & Radiant Charm – to wear for my upcoming nuptials. I’m already a regular user of Acuvue Define, wearing shades in Natural Shine & Vivid Style, but the latest colours look like something that will make my eyes sparkle even more during the big day. Hence, I decided to get them, albeit last minute.

So I scoured online for good deals on them and I finally came across this Malaysian online shopping site MrLens.com.my which offers those contact lenses at a price cheaper than Singapore opticians. MrLens sells them at RM118/box of 30 lenses which is about SGD37.80/box. This is pretty much the price I used to pay when I drove into JB to purchase my contact lenses but now I can do it at the ease of home and get them delivered to my doorstep without the hassle of crossing the border! MrLens ships the lenses to Singapore via DHL Express, so it should reach me pretty quickly.

Speed of Delivery Test
I placed my order on 28 November, Monday at 9:45pm. The whole process is very straight forward and fuss-free. You just pick out the contact lenses that you want in your eye degree, add to cart, pay and wait for the delivery!

After my order is placed, you can opt for contact lenses re-purchase reminders so that you won’t forget that your contacts are running out amidst your busy schedule.


The very next day on 29 November, I received an email confirmation that the order has been received and is processing on their side.


On 30 November, I received another email that the package left their warehouse and is on the way to Singapore! 


Very shortly after, I received an SMS from DHL stating that the package will be delivered the next day on 1 December.

On 1 December, Thursday morning at 11am, the DHL delivery guy was at my doorstep in Singapore with my package! I am amazed! That’s less than 3 working days!

DHL express service to Singapore is free when you purchase at least RM500(about SGD$160) worth of products from MrLens, otherwise the shipping fee is RM49.90.

I immediately tried on my new contacts and now I can’t decide which color to wear on my big day! What do you think?

Wearing Acuvue Radiant Charm

Wearing Acuvue Radiant Shine

No Wait Time for Astigmatism Lenses

MrLens holds a wide variety of popular contact lens brands like Acuvue, Air Optix, Biomedics and Freshkon to name a few. I also placed an order of Acuvue dailies with Astigmatism for my hubby-to-be as he was too busy with work to head down to the optician to get new ones. Usually opticians don’t hold much stock for lenses with Astigmatism. We would have to order from them and wait 3-5 days before they phone you for collection and go back down to the optician to pick it up which can be quite a hassle (that’s why my hubby didn’t have time to replace his lenses and has been wearing spectacles instead).

This time, when I placed the order for his contacts, I expected to wait a while for the delivery as its with Astigmatism. So what really surprised me is that everything came together on Thursday morning which is much faster than getting them from the optician itself.

I am one very satisfied customer and will definitely re-order my contacts from MrLens again.



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