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「媽媽」這個身份是24/7,永無休假,同時肩負上各種責任。不論是全職媽媽還是Working Mum,每日也要抽出一些時間獨處,讓自己有一個喘息的空間,享受一下,而我其中一個Me Time就是泵奶時的30分鐘🥰

在床上背靠著厚厚的枕頭,一邊拿著Tablet 看Netflix,一邊泵奶,有時還會邊吃飯,務求善用這段寶貴的時間,讓自己可以在一個完全放鬆的環境下泵奶和休息!(身為兩個小孩的媽媽,要安靜地吃飯追劇是件很奢侈的事😆)

我用的這款奶泵操作時十分安靜,獨特貼心的設計讓我可以最自然的坐姿坐在床上,不用向前彎去遷就奶泵,亦不需要擔心母乳會漏出,令我可以舒適地享受我的Me Time😌30分鐘過後,泵完奶之餘,我也recharge了🤗


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As a second-time mommy, it’s hard to strike a balance in time spent with both children🤯

So I made a decision that even though I enjoyed the breastfeeding bond with my baby so much, I had to strike a balance between engaging with Keia & feeding Kara👩‍👧‍👧 Routinely, I express milk in the day so that I will have more time in my hands to play with my 2 girls, and breastfeed Kara only when Keia is asleep.

To introduce my best pumping partner with you, it comes with an amazing Natural Motion technology which imitate a unique wave-like tongue motion that occurs when baby is suckling. Just like breastfeeding but the pump will never fall asleep or refuse to drink milk 😂 This technology initiates a quicker milk flow (Thanks to its adequate suction and nipple stimulation 👍🏻), hence I’m able to effortlessly finish breast pumping in just 15 minutes! It also helps that Kara is an efficient drinker & usually finishes her milk in 10-15 minutes whenever she’s bottle fed. What a time-saver!

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