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Hello hello!

Finally I can blog again!!! The stupid WordPress App on my iPhone has been crashing for 2 months and I’ve been unable to blog! The latest update released today finally fixed the crashes… Phew…

Just an update on what I’ve been doing… I was filming Tale of Two Cities (small role), two short films – My Mother’s Song & Fade In, & picked up a new sport! Wakeboarding!!!! Currently I’m involved in 2 episodes of C.L.I.F. as one of the cases – though only 2 episodes, I find my character really interesting & I’m really looking forward to this role.

Anyway back to wakeboarding… It’s a real good workout! Though I’ve not been able to continue learning this new sport since 3 Jan as I’m down with a really bad cough since. Having my very first face plant on my 1st time wakeboarding was not really fun & extremely painful! Can u imagine if I had a nose implant I would probably come out of the water crooked! Lol!

The 2nd trip wakeboarding was a lot less painful as I learnt the art of falling. So far, I’m still a Newbie to this & I’m waiting for my cough to recover before I plan more sessions!


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My first time Prawning


My friends and I decided to go prawning in Bishan one day & I decided to try it since I’ve never done it before! I must concur that it looks easy but it’s not! There’s actually a technique to hook up the prawns.

That night I only caught 1 measly prawn and I let a lot get away as I didn’t know how to “hook” them when they were nibbling on my bait. I’m not a naturally talented fisherwoman…

I’m happy with my lone catch though! And the biggest plus point for me that night was there were plenty of cats & dogs at the prawning village for me to play with!

Better luck next time! LOL…


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Last Sunday some friends and I went to MacRitchie to visit the remains of the Japanese Shinto Temple that was constructed during the Japanese Occupation in Singapore. This temple was later bombed up by the Japanese when they had to leave Singapore. So what is left in the middle of MacRitchie rainforest today is not much but some small structures.

The hike to this site is pretty challenging as there is no proper pathway and you have to literally bash your way through the trees and rotten logs filled with numerous leaf litter communities, crouching under fallen trees, climbing over big logs and avoiding a lot of thorny plants. A pretty fun way to start your Sunday morning I must say!

Oh and a very BIG thank you to Sunny, our nature guide, to lead the way and show us so many interesting edible plants in the forest! We tried 2 different kinds of Betel leaves that taste exactly like a hotdog! (unbelievable I know!) and some plants that are used to build thatched roof in kampongs.

Here’s some pictures to tell you the story of my Sunday adventure!


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Just got back from a great dive trip in Bali! Visited the USS Liberty Wreck, Crystal Bay for the Molas & Manta Point for the graceful Mantas. Didn’t take any underwater photos this time as I purely wanted to enjoy the sights of the elusive Molas. The molas are simply amazing & beautiful, and such strange looking fish! And i’m so happy we were so fortunate to see so many of them underwater looking back at us!

More photos of us having fun around Bali will be posted up soon once it’s edited!


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Meeting Hidetoshi Nakata

Hello everyone!

Last Friday was the launch of CK X underwear and Nakata flew down to grace the event as he’s the latest CK underwear model!!! He’s sucha cutie with a perfect body! Love those abs n rock hard glutes!

It’s a pity he didn’t parade around in the latest underwear but who cares! Guess what? I used to watch soccer because of him & Kaka! (no surprise right? Tons of girls r into soccer not only for the sport but also for the eye candy!)

It’s a pity Nakata retired. One less talented player around. I was one happy girl when I managed to take a photo with him making many other girls there to see him green with envy. (sorry girls! :P) that brief meeting was good enough to make my weekend and it was time to leave once my mission was completed! (I was feeling too hot as there was too many scantily clad males around! *joking* I WAS feeling hot – not from men – from the lack of air con think there were too many ppl there just to see him & the air con refused to work!)

Didn’t get a lot of pics that night but my friend Ren has lots more posted on FB.


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Robinson Waterfalls

Had a lot of things planned out for Day 2 –

  • Visit waterfalls (Robinson & Parit)
  • Visit Boh Tea Plantation
  • Visit the Rose Garden
  • Have tea & scones
  • Visit more strawberry plantations
  • Visit the Bee Farm (very disappointing)

Robinson waterfall was not really a waterfall to me, but at least Parit Waterfall made up for the Robinson one! That was all the hiking we did in Cameron Highlands 😛 My dream is to see a really big waterfall that will set me in awe! This is like a baby….

This is my 1st tea plantation visit (that I can remember, those that I went really young doesn’t count!) and it’s a beautiful sight from the top of the highlands. The drive up to the Tea Plantation was rather scary tho’.

I thought this “la3 ba1 hua1” or trumpet flower can look like a small hat! My own fashion….

The workers at the plantation hard at work under the hot sun sorting out fresh tea leaves.

This is the tea factory. It was a pity that production was not scheduled that day, so there was no tour of the inside of the factory. That would’ve been interesting!

After a hot long walk around the plantation, we sat down for an ice cold Boh Tea’s very own “Orchard Splash” it was so delicious that we had to buy some home to drink!

This is another tea plantation owned by Cameron Valley.

Pitcher plant in one of the strawberry farms

This muddy stream is at the Rose Valley. Don’t you think the water looks like Teh Tarik?

So many pretty flowers! I had a swell time taking tons of photos of and with the flowers!

This hibiscus flower is the biggest I’ve seen – it’s about 20cm in diameter!

I particularly love the name of this flower – High Heel Shoes flower! LOL!

Funnily, in the Rose Valley there was this “zoo” section where they kept Peacocks, Turkies, Rabbits & chickens.

The rabbit was so cute & craving for attention, the minute I squat down, it came up to me and wanted to be loved.

After that we headed to this Tea Shop for it’s famous tea & strawberry jam scones, it was delicious! I loved the jam & buttery scone.

That’s all we did on Day 2. No Bee Farm photos as it was so bleah that I didn’t take any pics at all!

Coming soon – Giant Cicada that visited us in our hotel room.



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IMG_5145 - 1st photo

Hello everyone!

Been going Sengkang and also the Marina Barrage recently to fly kites! Sounds a little boring but it is actually quite interesting! There are lots and lots of different designs to choose from but if anyone wants to try, go for a ‘Delta’ design first, its just a triangular shaped kite, but its the easiest to fly!

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Top Gear – Ken Block


I wish I could drive like him!!! He’s not human!!! Watch the video & be amazed by his inability to drive straight! Haha…



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I recently took the plunge and learnt how to dive! Finished up my open water in Tioman and continued on to dive there for 2 more days – it was great fun! I’ve always wanted to be close to nature and marine life, this is something that captivated me since I was a kid watching Discovery Channel programs on TV12. Now with cable TV, I’ve progressed to Animal Planet, Dicovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild, History Channel etc. My facination with the world and it’s inhabitants and outer space always kept me wondering how all these things came about and adapted through time. (I’m a true Science student!) I guess if Singapore has Veterinary Studies as a degree I would’ve aimed to graduate in that field. But knowing that it is only available overseas and it will be a financial burden to my parents I never really toyed with that idea. Guess diving is a good alternative for me now!

I saw plenty of interesting life forms underwater like Nudibranch, weird looking sea cucumbers, broadclub cuttlefish (which are really big! about 50cm!), hawksbill turtle, black tip reef shark, pufferfish etc. Previously, I satisfied my curiousity for marine creatures through aquariums, but now I’m able to be “inside” a natural aquarium! And we have a whole ocean to explore it. I can’t wait to dive in other places but for now enjoy what I took underwater.









Porcupine Fish


Green Sea Turtle


Sea Fan


Diving Thru a Cave


Looking for Fish!


Coral Fish




Flip Flops


Relaxing after diving


Dive Centre at Paya Beach Resort, Tioman


Our dive instructor – Funny. She’s a Japanese lady but she can speak Japanese, English, Cantonese, Malay very fluently! Simply amazing! I was shocked when she picked up her handphone and conversed in Cantonese throughout!

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Running in Orchard



Julian Hee & I joined the Nike Run Club for their inaugural 5km run along Orchard Rd. It’s a twice a month run that is open to everybody and anybody who just loves to run and loves company while running.  And the best thing is that it’s FREE! No membership fee required, just sign up 13 days before and arrive in you running gear! It’s that easy! 🙂

I would definitely join them in more runs in future cos the route is fun & great to have fellow runners who share the same passion as me!

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