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Hello everyone!

As most of you would know by now through my Instagram & Facebook, that I’m now preggers with our second daughter!

To date, I’m at 20 weeks into my pregnancy and nesting mode has begun. I’m beginning to list things that we need for K.C.#2 (You guessed it! She will share the same initials as Keia Chan. Read on further and her name will be revealed!)

Since our graduation from being first time parents, we now know the importance of certain items that are essential for the comfort of our baby. During our house-move last November, I kinda gave away a lot of baby & maternity items when we were decluttering (Oops!). So, I needed to get some new ones for K.C.#2. Through our experience, we learnt the beauty and benefits of bamboo fabric. Newborn babies skin are very sensitive, and bamboo is one of the best materials (and luxuriously soft) to be used on their skin which won’t cause any allergic reactions. I simply wanted to get more bamboo items for K.C. so that she will be given the best and not only Keia’s hand-me-downs.

As I was doing my research and shopping around, I chanced upon this brand RAPH & REMY which does personalised premium bamboo baby essentials and gifts. It’s a family business that’s set up by an Aussie & Brit and run out of Singapore. What really caught my eye is their stylish, sustainable and bespoke baby items that only use premium bamboo fabric that’s so breathable and are OEKO-TEX® certified to be free of harmful chemicals, which is exactly what I’m looking for. I had to get my hands on them!

Here are the of newborn essentials that I got for K.C. (Her name will be revealed in the photos!)

I love how pretty my package arrived in, makes me really excited to open up my present!
My boxful of Newborn Essentials

Personalised Knotted Gowns (oh so cute! These gowns remind me of Maggie Simpson!)

Her name is baby Kara!
Kara’s knotted gowns

Personalised Organic BambooCloud Cooling Blanket – newborns have to be kept warm but yet not overheated. It’s a tricky balance here, and this blanket would be perfect for Kara!

Personalised Baby Towel & Mitt

You really need to get one to feel how luxuriously soft this towel is!
It’s like fluffy clouds on baby’s skin.

Personalised Bamboo Swaddle – swaddling is the way to give newborns that sense of security as they had in womb. Helps them sleep a lot better too when swaddled, and also prevents them from scratching their lovely faces.

I’m a pink-fanatic!

Personalised Plush Pond Pal Mascot – this will be Kara’s first toy from us!

Quack Quack!

Premium Bamboo Baby Booties

Can’t imagine seeing those teeny tiny feet again!

Premium Bamboo Baby Mittens & Premium Bamboo Reversible Slouch Beanie – We threw away most of Keia’s ones as they were so worn out from washing. Definitely need some new ones for Kara

As parents we can never have enough mittens!

Premium Bamboo Baby Socks

Personalised Bow Clips – As seen on Keia with the K.C. initials! Perfect item to be shared amongst our girls.

Love the oversized bow!
Keia’s feeling pretty in her bow

BubbleGummy Teether

Once again,I simply love the packaging!
A good teether will be well used for at least 2 years, Keia is still chewing on hers as her second molars are now sprouting.

Duckling Rattle – it’s too cute not to get one!

For those of you who aren’t mamas yet, and are always scratching your brains as to what to gift to your friends/family to welcome their bundle of joy, RAPH & REMY also offers a Newborn Essentials Collection Gift Set or 7EssentialSomethings™ Gift Set.

Shipping is FREE in Singapore for orders over SGD$80, and they also offer worldwide DHL delivery. I got mine DHL’d to Hong Kong as honestly, baby things in HK are simply overpriced for the same quality!

I do hope my list does help some of you new moms out there with the essential items every baby needs. Most importantly, we just want the best for our little ones so splurging a little on quality items to keep them comfy shouldn’t make you feel guilty.




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