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Attended the Pantene Beauty Round Table this morning over a nice luncheon at Stellar@1-Altitude to talk about hair care & how to improve our hair texture.

I took up the Pantene 14-Day Challenge and started using the Hairfall Range. Yes, the word “Hairfall” is such a sensitive word to us girls! But I have to admit that ever since I entered the entertainment industry on top of my frequent scuba diving, I realized how much more hair I have been dropping. 😦 initially I thought it was hair loss but then I realized it’s due to hair breakage from really dry and damaged hair. After talking to Dr Jasmine Karsono, I learnt so many useful things about hair. Styling, blow-drying, back-combing are all well known factors to damaged hair. But Dr Karsono told me that salt water is even worse! As salt dehydrates the hair a lot more on top of the prolonged UV exposure which makes hair so much more brittle and prone to breakage. No wonder I get so depressed looking at the amount of hair I drop washing my hair after scuba diving! And the many days after.

So…. I used the Hairfall range and I’m still using it as I really love the effects that it has on my hair texture. I used to wake up with really tangled and unruly hair spending quite some time brushing my hair. But after the 7th day of using Pantene’s Hairfall range, I found brushing my hair in the mornings so much easier and less hair is found on my brush. On top of that I too changed to a new Protection brush by Acca Kappa which helped with the brushing through my tangles. My hair now is a lot more shiny especially on the crown of my head and texture is slowly improving. I can’t wait for my hair to feel baby soft again!

Now I am a big fan of Pantene’s Hairfall range! And to all of you out there suffering from easy hair breakage like me, please go to your nearest supermarket of pharmacy to grab the Hairfall range and take up this 14-day challenge! (TIP: if your hair is really dry n weak, use the treatment in place of the conditioner – that’s what I’m doing!)







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