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Thank you “junkie showbiz” for uploading the video of the TVC!

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Here’s pictures from the SA show on Sunday 25 April 2010. Thank you Lai Chan for the beautiful green dress! He’s a very talented local designer who did my Cheong Sam for Show 1 as well! My very first time wearing this colour and I LOVE it!

I really enjoyed the Star Awards this year as it was so different and the venue made it a lot more glamourous. The red carpet walk down reminded me of the Golden Horse Awards and Oscars! Though I did trip a little towards the end of the red carpet from the uneven floor. Nothing too embaressing but a little scary! Imagine if I really fell on the red carpet… So embaressing!!! – Aunty Lucy. LOL

Here’s some photos from that night, have fun with them! I hope to get some from Pat Mok soon! She took some very nice pics on her cam!



Prince charming – Elvin or Tarzan!

Cute & bubbly Peixuan

MSU babes unite!

Do we look like sisters? We always get that comment from numerous colleagues!

Ever lasting beauty – Ah Jie Fann! She’s super gorgeous!

Snap away in between commercial breaks!

Super hot bod – Ann – did U see her uber sexy dress she wore the week before? She is full of assets! Wished I had her perfect figure!

Love how suave TPH looks…

My groom in our  Bali “wedding” – Nat!

Andie – the “fling” I had in The Pupil. Remember our steamy scene?

Lovely Jeanette! I did my very 1st Chinese drama with her and I’ve loved her since. She’s such a beautiful person inside & outside!

Buddies! Ernest & Eliza!

The Stylist behind lotsa Mediacorp shows including MSU – Justin

DYT (hears tons of girls screaming in the background)

Greek Goddesses – Yahui & me! It’s the latest fashion for dresses now with all the Greek Mythology inspired movies.

Joey, Weilie & Zhenghuan. Huge Congrats to Weilie for clinching the Best Villian Award! He really deserves it! Just look at his sinister smile…

I love Michelle’s eyes & dimples!!!

MeiZhen jie for wardrobe!!! Wanna hug her for being super nice to all of us!

Mark Lee always makes me laugh! I love him! It was nice having the short talk with U backstage. 🙂 I will remember ur advise!

Isn’t Eelyn getting more and more beautiful! And her Vavavoom figure….

Thank you Sonya for making me look so beautiful that night with your make up skills! *hugS*

That’s all for now!!!

Check in soon for pictures from Cameron Highlands & my Birthday party!

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It’s been a big headache with my server for the past few months as things have been screwing up and I had probs blogging, posting pictures and for pple to leave comments!

After this saga I’ve decided to move my blog entirely to wordpress to host my blog and hopefully no more hiccups!!!!

Keeping fingers crossed, welcome to my new blog!!!

I’ll be maintaining my domain name jessica-tan.com but I’ve not shift it to this blog site yet. Have to settle some admin stuff with my registrar.

Everyone I’m back!



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IMG_0131 - first shot

Just did a shoot for iWeekly’s christmas fashion spread. What do you guys think of me with short hair? 😛

Thank you May for the makeup and Desmond for the hair!

I really love my look in short hair! But those of you who are shocked with this sudden change in length of hair… I didn’t cut it! It was just styled as if I really do have short hair. Amazing right?

So fun having Joey at the shoot & catching up with my fellow MSU alumni babe!

Enjoy the pics!



IMG_0120 - may jessica and joey

IMG_0122 - jessica

IMG_0125 - may jessica

IMG_0127 - jessica and joey

IMG_0129 - may and joey

IMG_0131 - jessica and joey

IMG_0140 - jessica

IMG_0146 - jessica

IMG_0148 - jessica

IMG_0151 - jessica

IMG_0157 - jessica

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Catch me on the cover of EZY Health magazine at all major pharmacies and the Watson’s store! Meanwhile, here’s some of the behind the scene shots of the photoshoot!













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This is in Oct issue of CLEO which is out on stand now! I’m so excited as I’ve always wanted to be an OLAY girl. I used to have really bad skin with acne outbreak n uneven skin tone and I’ve always admired others with perfect skin and not needing to use make up or pinple cream. I was always conscious about my complexion as my relatives constantly point it out to me and ask me “why is your skin so bad?”. It’s not very confidence boosting is it?

So since I was in secondary school thru junior college I’ve always concealed it with pimple creams. Later during university I started using make up to conceal. Only after university that I slowly learnt that proper skin care and through hardwork that my skin improved. And whitening products like OLAY’s White Radiance series helped even out my skin tone and lighten pimple scars which eventually disappered over years of using it. Now, I can confidently go out without make up as my skin has a natural glow.


And I’ve always been an active person doing lotsa sports in the sun like diving, running, swimming, bringing Mika to the beach etc. Hours of filming under the hot sun for outdoor shoots also contributes to my skin’s sun exposure. And it’s hard to stay fair as I tan easily. Thankfully for all the Whitening products & sunscreen to help me stay fair!

Do go and try the White Radiance Serum as I really love its gel like texture which immediately absorbs into my skin. And it’s so gentle that it doesn’t cause excessive skin peeling or stinging feeling unlike some other whitening products I’ve tried before.

Keeping your skin fair & smooth and reversing the effects of sun damage is the first step to your skin looking young & healthy!

To all those of you celebrating this holiday… Happy Hari Raya Puasa! 🙂



Here are the behind the scenes pictures during the CLEO shoot!










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Read the earlier article here.

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