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IMG_0131 - first shot

Just did a shoot for iWeekly’s christmas fashion spread. What do you guys think of me with short hair? 😛

Thank you May for the makeup and Desmond for the hair!

I really love my look in short hair! But those of you who are shocked with this sudden change in length of hair… I didn’t cut it! It was just styled as if I really do have short hair. Amazing right?

So fun having Joey at the shoot & catching up with my fellow MSU alumni babe!

Enjoy the pics!



IMG_0120 - may jessica and joey

IMG_0122 - jessica

IMG_0125 - may jessica

IMG_0127 - jessica and joey

IMG_0129 - may and joey

IMG_0131 - jessica and joey

IMG_0140 - jessica

IMG_0146 - jessica

IMG_0148 - jessica

IMG_0151 - jessica

IMG_0157 - jessica

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Catch me on the cover of EZY Health magazine at all major pharmacies and the Watson’s store! Meanwhile, here’s some of the behind the scene shots of the photoshoot!













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This is in Oct issue of CLEO which is out on stand now! I’m so excited as I’ve always wanted to be an OLAY girl. I used to have really bad skin with acne outbreak n uneven skin tone and I’ve always admired others with perfect skin and not needing to use make up or pinple cream. I was always conscious about my complexion as my relatives constantly point it out to me and ask me “why is your skin so bad?”. It’s not very confidence boosting is it?

So since I was in secondary school thru junior college I’ve always concealed it with pimple creams. Later during university I started using make up to conceal. Only after university that I slowly learnt that proper skin care and through hardwork that my skin improved. And whitening products like OLAY’s White Radiance series helped even out my skin tone and lighten pimple scars which eventually disappered over years of using it. Now, I can confidently go out without make up as my skin has a natural glow.


And I’ve always been an active person doing lotsa sports in the sun like diving, running, swimming, bringing Mika to the beach etc. Hours of filming under the hot sun for outdoor shoots also contributes to my skin’s sun exposure. And it’s hard to stay fair as I tan easily. Thankfully for all the Whitening products & sunscreen to help me stay fair!

Do go and try the White Radiance Serum as I really love its gel like texture which immediately absorbs into my skin. And it’s so gentle that it doesn’t cause excessive skin peeling or stinging feeling unlike some other whitening products I’ve tried before.

Keeping your skin fair & smooth and reversing the effects of sun damage is the first step to your skin looking young & healthy!

To all those of you celebrating this holiday… Happy Hari Raya Puasa! 🙂



Here are the behind the scenes pictures during the CLEO shoot!










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Read the earlier article here.

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This is a snippet of the recent article in the New Paper published last Monday.

U can read it here.



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wl_puppymillphoto11This picture was taken from this website: http://dead-cockroach.xanga.com/691798365/the-puppy-mill-link-exchange-project/

And it really saddens me how some people with no love for animals simply see this purely as a business transaction. Literally it is a factory to churn out puppies for sale. The BIG difference is that this factory is producing living things that have feelings and emotion. Unlike an ipod or a car coming out of a factory.

That is why I advocate to a lot of people not to support purchasing puppies from puppy farms in Pasir Ris or commercialised pet shops as most of these places are merely profit driven and get their puppies from puppy mills like these. Plenty of times these puppies are not well treated or bred and a lot of them are inbred leading to genetical defects. Those are the ones that U will never see as they are killed off. Many dog owners don’t know this horrible side of commercial pet shops.

Even puppies on display in brightly lit pet shops in shopping centres of puppy farms are not kept the proper way. Cages often have grills as the base so that their pee & poop will just seep down to keep the cage cleaner. However, these grills are not good for the formation of puppies paws & legs, and problems resulting from this will only show much later in the puppies life. Hence, sometimes paying a slightly higher price to get from a more reliable pet shop or home breeder is the bettter option. As those are the people who truly love animals and will treat them like their own “child” until they’re sold (hopefully to responsible pet owers). The place where I got Mika is one such shop. I was impressed how they mother all their puppies and keep them in a seperate room not displying them outside for the puplic to see. The shop will only take out a puppy to show you only when U are a serious buyer. This shop also takes care of unwanted dogs & cats and the resident pets in the shop look like they were rescued. The proof of a true animal lover.

I hope that this can help change minds of people and make the lives of other living things a better one other than us humans.

Be an animal lover like me!



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New Paper New Face 2009



The time has come again to watch out for the New Face girls in the papers & on the web! It’s one of my favorite annual competitions to watch! And this year’s batch is really good! I’ve a few favorites in mind already!

As I was in the New Face competition back in 2002, they decided to interview some of their alumni to find out how this competition has changed our lives. I must say that it was the competition that pushed me into the modelling world and help me gain more confidence in myself. And thru modelling, the money earned helped me to be a more independent person as I told my mum to stop giving me pocket money and just pay for my university education. I used the money earned to support myself thru’ university and this also matured me more.

Good luck girls! Hope U will have a lot of fun just like I did!



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New OLAY White Radiance Serum



I just did an interview for The New Paper yesterday as the new face for the Olay White Radiance series. I love this new serum that’s newly launched! It absorbs very quickly into my skin as if my skin is so thirsty that it “sucks” it up & I feel that my skin naturally glows more!

Will update with more photos of the shoot & interviews soon!

Also, check out this Sunday’s The New Paper for an update for this year’s & past year’s (including me) New Paper New Face girls! 🙂



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Happy Birthday Singapore!



Driving past the schools today seeing all the students and lil kindergerten kids running around in their red t shirts was really inspiring! Even caught several people decked out in red & white already! Everyone’s in a holiday mood to celebrate Singapore’s 44th birthday! (pity I didn’t manage to grabs some candid shots of those ppl)

I’m glad that a lot of Singaporeans are proud of their nationality. But we shouldn’t just be proud of Singapore and being a Singaporean only during National Day – we should be even more proud than usual!

It’s amazing how Singapore has progressed from a small fishing village to what it is today. I was talking to several tourists last week in Tioman and they were expressing to me how amazing Singapore was. The Finnish couple commented how convenient it was to go around Singapore and how beautiful it was to see all high rise buildings and a great city structure. Incomparison, Finland is mainly fields & low rise buildings, thus, they appreciate our city acrhitecture a lot more than us – since we’ve grown up with all thses buildings around us and are so used to seeing it. After having that conversation with them, it made me appreciate what we have back home. Our education, government & laws (even though we joke about having a lot of laws for everything) has all contributed to who and what we are today. It’s no easy feat!

We must all thank MM Lee for putting this lil’ red dot on the world map and make it such a recognised nation to the world!

That is why I’m inviting some friends over to my place on Sunday to recite the pledge together at 8.22pm (I’m sure all Singtel users received that sms) and watch our National Day Parade together!

So join in the fun & be a very proud Singaporean!



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This is one fatherly love that is hard to break. We all should learn from him. This video really brought tears to my eyes.

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