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Robinson Waterfalls

Had a lot of things planned out for Day 2 –

  • Visit waterfalls (Robinson & Parit)
  • Visit Boh Tea Plantation
  • Visit the Rose Garden
  • Have tea & scones
  • Visit more strawberry plantations
  • Visit the Bee Farm (very disappointing)

Robinson waterfall was not really a waterfall to me, but at least Parit Waterfall made up for the Robinson one! That was all the hiking we did in Cameron Highlands 😛 My dream is to see a really big waterfall that will set me in awe! This is like a baby….

This is my 1st tea plantation visit (that I can remember, those that I went really young doesn’t count!) and it’s a beautiful sight from the top of the highlands. The drive up to the Tea Plantation was rather scary tho’.

I thought this “la3 ba1 hua1” or trumpet flower can look like a small hat! My own fashion….

The workers at the plantation hard at work under the hot sun sorting out fresh tea leaves.

This is the tea factory. It was a pity that production was not scheduled that day, so there was no tour of the inside of the factory. That would’ve been interesting!

After a hot long walk around the plantation, we sat down for an ice cold Boh Tea’s very own “Orchard Splash” it was so delicious that we had to buy some home to drink!

This is another tea plantation owned by Cameron Valley.

Pitcher plant in one of the strawberry farms

This muddy stream is at the Rose Valley. Don’t you think the water looks like Teh Tarik?

So many pretty flowers! I had a swell time taking tons of photos of and with the flowers!

This hibiscus flower is the biggest I’ve seen – it’s about 20cm in diameter!

I particularly love the name of this flower – High Heel Shoes flower! LOL!

Funnily, in the Rose Valley there was this “zoo” section where they kept Peacocks, Turkies, Rabbits & chickens.

The rabbit was so cute & craving for attention, the minute I squat down, it came up to me and wanted to be loved.

After that we headed to this Tea Shop for it’s famous tea & strawberry jam scones, it was delicious! I loved the jam & buttery scone.

That’s all we did on Day 2. No Bee Farm photos as it was so bleah that I didn’t take any pics at all!

Coming soon – Giant Cicada that visited us in our hotel room.




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Hello Everyone!

I’d like to share the wonderful time I had up in the highlands in Malaysia. I really miss the cool weather, relaxing atmosphere and friendly people there. And most of all the strawberries and fresh air!

The last time I went up to Cameron Highlands was when I was 4 or 5 years old! So U can imagine how NEW this place seems to me this time round.

Driving up to the highlands, we collected a lot of “passengers” along the way. Frequent SG-Malaysia drivers should get what I mean… ;P

My squashed free riders!

Finally after 6 hours of driving, we reached Cameron Highlands! First stop, lunch! Hungry… Stopped at this “Zhi Char” place where many locals frequent to find out what’s yummy in that place.

There’s this dish there called Sambal Belachan Asparagus Beans which is super delicious and I’ve never even heard of Asparagus Beans before. Have you? The beans are fresh, crunchy and taste nothing like asparagus. And U can never go wrong with Belachan fried vegetables.

After lunch, we settled in Equatorial Hotel. It’s not the most glamourous looking hotel but it’s at one of the highest points on the Highlands and every evening on the top floor, my balcony is surrounded by clouds! Imagine walking in clouds… so mystical!

After dumping our stuff down in the room, we headed to Big Red Strawberry Farm. Apparently the biggest strawberry farm in CH.

It was a rainy day which made it even colder but more shiok! I love the cold… Interestingly, every strawberry farm grows cactus for sale as well. Very pretty cacti!

“V” is for Victory!!!

Don’t these cacti look like roses?

BIG cactus – about the size of a beach ball!

Strawberries grown hydroponically

Who’s that big fat strawberry?

Unripe strawberries

Mmm… fresh…

The life cycle of a strawberry – See how the white flower slowly withers down to the core where the strawberry slowly grows bigger. I’ve never seen a strawberry flower before so cute & pure.

Feel so healthy in the farm seeing so much edible greens around me.

Can U spot what’s wrong with this poster?

Big Red’s famous strawberry sundae! Yummy!!! Strawberry sundae has never tasted better

My “trophy” hee hee…

After eating the yummy sundae and a very steep drive downhill, we headed to the street side market beside the hotel.

And when we reached there, clouds were everywhere! Pretty…

The minute you arrive at the Street Market, the wonderful aroma of sweet corn surrounds you as vendors grill freshly grown corn on the cob.

After snacking on sweet corn, we decided that we’ll buy some back to Singapore! Can U imagine going to CH to buy corn?! Hilarious!

That’s the end of day one and we turned in early from the long day.



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I’m up in the highlands of Cameron! Visited the waterfalls, tea plantations, strawberry farms so far. I’ve yet to see the bee farm and rose valley! Can’t wait!

Thank u dear for this wonderful birthday trip!

Here’s some pics of a tea shop we stopped by for tea, scones & fresh homemade strawberry jam!


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Wayne's Birthday Party!

IMG_4999 - 1st photo

*Photo Intensive post! =P*

It was our good friend, Wayne’s 30th birthday and his wife threw him a surprise birthday party! So she chartered a boat for a day and invited us to celebrate with them. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and everything was prefect, from the boat to the food to the company. I’ll let the pictures do the talking! =)

IMG_1382 - Jessica and Victor

IMG_1392 - Jessica Wayne and Ailin

IMG_1394 - Wayne and Andrea

IMG_1395 - Breaking the Waves

IMG_1396 - Lunch

IMG_4943 - Wayne and Ailin

IMG_4960 - Glory and Esther

IMG_4972 - Esther Sleeping

IMG_1406 - Taking Photos

IMG_4990 - Jessica

IMG_5000 - Isabel

IMG_5008 - Wayne Drinking

IMG_5014 - Wilfred and Wayne

IMG_5016 - Jessica

IMG_5023 - Wayne

IMG_1408 - Wayne off in the Kayak

IMG_1409 - Wayne and Ailin off in the Kayak

IMG_1410 - Wayne and Ailin off in the Kayak

IMG_1414 - Wayne and Ailin on the Beach

IMG_1419 - Wayne Ailin Jessica and Andrea on the Beach

IMG_1420 - Wayne Ailin Jessica and Andrea on the Beach

IMG_1421 - Sarah Wilfred and Victor

IMG_1423 - Victor from The Matrix

IMG_1411 - Back of the Boat

IMG_1412 - Back of the Boat

IMG_5038 - Jumping off the Boat

IMG_5043 - Ailin looking for Wayne

IMG_5045 - Esther and Glory

IMG_5046 - Andrea in the water

IMG_5047 - Wayne's Macaroon Cake

IMG_5050 - Birthday Boy

IMG_5052 - Blowing out the Candles

IMG_5055 - Tapas

IMG_5059 - Tapas

IMG_5062 - Tapas

IMG_5069 - Esther and Victor

IMG_5083 - Andrea Wayne and Jessica

IMG_5084 - Andrea Wayne and Jessica

IMG_5091 - Andrea

IMG_5093 - Ailin

IMG_5107 - Wayne and Ailin

IMG_5113 - Daryl and Isabel

IMG_5117 - Wilfred and Sarah

IMG_5026 - Andrea Isabel Ailin and Jessica

IMG_5028 - Andrea Isabel Wayne Ailin and Jessica

IMG_1387 - Group Shot

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Yummy Food in Tioman



Had another short break in Tioman AGAIN! Went back there to log more dives & eat the SATAY!!!! Love the satay there! It’s succulent, juicy & has the right amout of sweetness to it.



So far this satay is my all time favourite!

Rating: 9/10 (-1 because of the few plates we had over the few nights there one plate was not as soft & juicy)


The other thing that I missed so so much in Tioman was it’s Sambal Stingray. The stingray is delivered fresh daily to the BBQ seafood place and it always comes, soft and slightly burnt with no fishy smell cos it’s so fresh!

Rating: 8/10

Ok, the main reason we went back to Tioman is to dive but I was sooooo craving to eat the food I had the last time. 😛

This time we tried a new item on the menu – Otah. This Otah is a speciality from Muah and I loved it!


Sorry for the bad photo but it’s the only one I have of the Otah. It tastes a lot better than the photo! heh…

Rating: 8/10


Tho’ I don’t drink beer because I’m allergic to it, I thought this sign looks damn retro!


Caught this beautiful sunset in Tioman.


And that’s just me strolling on the beach after a day of diving! Dived a total of 9 times over 2.5 days there! So Happy!

BTW, all these yummy food is at Paya Beach Resort, Tioman. It’s cheap & good!



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This other version is really cute!

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I recently took the plunge and learnt how to dive! Finished up my open water in Tioman and continued on to dive there for 2 more days – it was great fun! I’ve always wanted to be close to nature and marine life, this is something that captivated me since I was a kid watching Discovery Channel programs on TV12. Now with cable TV, I’ve progressed to Animal Planet, Dicovery Channel, Nat Geo Wild, History Channel etc. My facination with the world and it’s inhabitants and outer space always kept me wondering how all these things came about and adapted through time. (I’m a true Science student!) I guess if Singapore has Veterinary Studies as a degree I would’ve aimed to graduate in that field. But knowing that it is only available overseas and it will be a financial burden to my parents I never really toyed with that idea. Guess diving is a good alternative for me now!

I saw plenty of interesting life forms underwater like Nudibranch, weird looking sea cucumbers, broadclub cuttlefish (which are really big! about 50cm!), hawksbill turtle, black tip reef shark, pufferfish etc. Previously, I satisfied my curiousity for marine creatures through aquariums, but now I’m able to be “inside” a natural aquarium! And we have a whole ocean to explore it. I can’t wait to dive in other places but for now enjoy what I took underwater.









Porcupine Fish


Green Sea Turtle


Sea Fan


Diving Thru a Cave


Looking for Fish!


Coral Fish




Flip Flops


Relaxing after diving


Dive Centre at Paya Beach Resort, Tioman


Our dive instructor – Funny. She’s a Japanese lady but she can speak Japanese, English, Cantonese, Malay very fluently! Simply amazing! I was shocked when she picked up her handphone and conversed in Cantonese throughout!

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