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I managed to squeeze in some time from my filming schedule to volunteer as a model for the specially designed clothes at the ACRES Gala Dinner that was to be auctioned off that night. Managed to get some of my MSU babe friends – YY & Phoebe to volunteer as well!

Stayed on after the fashion show to join in the dinner and I’m proud to say that ACRES does have a firm group of supporters! Each shirt was auctioned off for at least $500!!! All proceeds will go to fund this non profit organisation. All for a good cause! I think at the end of the night ACRES managed to raise about $30K during its auctions! I was happily in tears….




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I’ll be flying off to Boracay early tmw morning and I am so looking forward to that trip! I’m going over there for a photo shoot and heard that the place has pristine beaches, white sands – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Traveling there is not gonna be easy tho with 2 flights there, a bus ride then a ferry ride! *gasp*

This afternoon I was in Takashimaya Square to launch the OSIM Singapore International Triathlon event which is held on 12 & 13 July. I will be taking part in its mini triathlon. 🙂 Looking forward to training and becoming super fit! That is why recently, I’ve got the Nike+ Sportsband to help me in my personal training. It looks super cool – just like a bangle/watch. Take a look!

NEWS-13469-60205a36ae4622d08eda9a984e446bcd.jpgIt’s super cool… U just place the chip in any Nike+ enabled shoe and just run! It’ll record your run, calories burnt and distance covered! 🙂

Here’s the photos taken on 10 May during my Preserve Planet Earth Project in Johor Bahru. Miss Malaysia Universe 2007 Ms Adelaine Chin was there to join me for the event as well and it was real nice to see a familiar face and catch up! Plenty of Malaysian ministers and JB’s Mayor was there to grace this event as well.

preserve planet earth1.JPG

preserve planet earth2.JPG
preserve planet earth3.JPG
preserve planet earth5.JPG

preserve planet earth4.JPG

This sapling was planted by me! There’s a Singapore sign below it to mark that it’s planted by me. 🙂 It’s now by the Sungei Tebrau River and I hope it’ll grow big and strong!

That’s all for now… gotta zzz….. need to wake up real early tmw morning for my flight! I’ll upload more pics of this preserve planet earth project and the OSIM launch when I get back! for now….Nite!


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I finally embarked on planting my trees or “Plant-a Tree” as promised during my MSU 07 crowning! After one year and nearing the end of my reign, I managed to fulfill my goal and dream in doing so with the students in Singapore!!! 🙂

This is done in conjuction with NEA’s latest Energy Efficient Singapore Programme and launch of a short film called “Super Saver” where a Sec 1 Chung Cheng High boy is the main lead. I’m also starring in it as his teacher and “fairy of the forest”! Hee hee… Here’s a banner on it!

Catch the official launch of the short film on 23 May 2008 at Y2Y Network.

This morning I planted another tree but this time in Johor Bahru at Sungei Tebrau as part of the “Preserve Planet Earth” project as the Rotary Club Youth Ambassador. (More on this later)

Here’s the photos of the events that happened on 9 May, Friday.

Plant a tree1.JPGSitting amongst the students, waiting to go on stage to introduce our short film.

Plant a tree2.JPG
Talking about my experience acting with the Sec 1 boys and being their teacher!

Plant a tree3.JPGTelling everyone about my latest article in Citta Bella May issue (Jacelyn Tay on cover) about saving the environment. Go get it!!!!

Plant a tree4.JPG

Plant a tree5.JPG
Now, moving on to planting a Honey Star Fruit tree with Super Saver! (Don’t U think he looks like Superhero Robin?)

Plant a tree6.JPG
Plant a tree7.JPG

Plant a tree8.JPG
Plant a tree9.JPG
Pouring in the soil and officially planting it in!

Plant a tree10.JPG
Plant a tree11.JPG

Now, to give it some water and spark of life!

Plant a tree12.JPGAnd finally placing in the plaque in front of the tree… Let’s see how long it will take to grow up!  🙂 I shall visit it again in a few months time!

Plant a tree13.JPG
Plant a tree14.JPG

Plant a tree15.JPG
Plant a tree16.JPG
Zaki the photographer who helped me get some wonderful shots!

Hope U enjoyed the pics as much as I had fun there!


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Just came back from my dance training with Jeanette for our dance scene together and it’s very “hot”! Don’t know how it’ll come across on camera but I like how it looks in the mirror! But comparing me with Jeanette who has 10 years of dance background I feel pressured and look not as experienced as her dancing! Hee…. *stress*

More training sessions is yet to come and hope it’ll look better and better!!!

Did a short film shoot for NEA to promote saving the environment and saving electricity and planting more trees! I’m supposed to be a teacher cum “Guardian of the Forest!”

Here’s my “Guardian” outfit during our photoshoot with Ralph the superhero that saves our Earth!!!

NEA1.JPGDo I look like a fairy???

NEA2.JPGWish I could keep the wings tho!! 😦


Ralph the Superboy!!! I love my face paint and twigs “growing” in my hair! 😛


After the shoot I was really hungry! Had a nice dinner at Ichiban! But the highlight was really the White Sesame pudding dessert I ended my meal with!

Dessert at Ichiban.JPGOkie, that’s all for now… I’ll upload the pics taken during the publicity shoot soon! (when I get them from Desmond)


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Hope everyone’s CNY was a blast! Lotsa yu sheng, family gatherings etc etc…

This year, I participated in the Chingay parade as part of the CNY celebrations. It’s my very first time being involved in the parade (and apparently it’s the 1st time for a Ms Singapore Universe to be in it!) When I was in school I was only involved in Youth Day and NDP celebrations!

I’ve always liked watching the Chingay parade as it’s full of colour, vibrancy and filled with lively performances. And it’s interesting to see new float designs and innovativeness in their co-ordination and movements! Dunno what will surprise U next!

And this year’s Chingay presents to you…… Your 1st Female F1 Racer!!! (at least I attempted to be one!)

1st female F1 driver.JPG

Female F1 driver.JPG
Red Bull F1 car.JPG
I can’t believe my luck! I’ve always wanted to sit inside a real F1 car and hold it’s millions of dollars steering wheel. It’s a dream come true! All I wanted to was to take photos of that beautiful machine and I didn’t expect the crew to offer me the chance to sit inside the cockpit! I made plenty of my guyfriends jealous with the photos! Furthermore, they fired up the engine for me to see! The roaring sound of it simply was melodious and deafening at the same time! I am such a sucker for cars! (caused by the heavy influence of my brothers!)

That being said, I still drive an economical fuel saving Honda FIT! Just like admiring from afar….


Me n Joey.JPG
Being Repunzel.JPG

                        Being “Repunzel”

CDC float.JPG

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Me n Datuk Shahrir.JPG

As the Youth Ambassador for Rotary Club Singapore, I went down to JB early this morning together with a Rotary Club Singapore rep to meet up with the Rotary Club Johor Centennial members to discuss and finalise the site and sponsors from the Malaysian side for this environmental project in March.

In addition we had a meeting with the MP of Johor Bahru Datuk Shahrir(in photo) as he is supporting this event. In March, I will be leading about 500 students from Singapore to go over to Sungei Tebrau to clean up the river of litter and hopefully plant some trees in the mangrove. Ms Malaysia world will co-lead the Malaysian students for this same project as well. This not only ties up both Singaporean and Malaysian students to work together as one but also raise their awareness of keeping our environment clean and protecting its wildlife that lives in it.

This is the current state Sungei Tebrau the site we are going to work on in March:



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e-flyer Wild Green N Rouge.gif

Wanna come down to see me – Miss Singapore Universe 2007 – mixing drinks for charity???

Note this date down now!!!

Date:        7 December, Friday
Venue:     Rouge
Time:       8pm till late

tickets will be sold at $20 which includes ONE glass of house pour liquor,
draught beer or soft drink AND a door gift from The Body Shop worth $20

Normal entry will apply as usual for the
regular goers who don’t want to buy the charity ticket

There will be special wildlife themed cocktails/mocktails being sold for ONE night only! And I will be mixing them for all those who orders these drinks!

Do your bit for charity and come down to have some fun!!!

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