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Walking along the heart of Orchard Road with a girl pal in one arm & tons of shopping bags in your other. Credit card – check, fashionable shopping clothes – check, comfortable shoes – check. All ready for the Great Singaore Sale!

Shooting this was real fun! As people were walking by, stopping, staring, talking on their phones, getting out of the way, pointing to their kids what’s going on. Really interesting to people watch while working. Our challenge was to find an empty enough time slot along the corridors of Paragon & quickly walk to get the shot done! Making sure everyone else was behind us not in front of the camera.

This was was fun, the other shot was more challenging! Now, we needed to find an even quieter spot in Orchard Road with a nice clean wall for us to do the walking, then skipping shot like in season 15 of America’s Next Top Model. Swinging shopping bags, snapping your neck, looking at the right angle, and making sure both feet are off the ground in the photo, not forgetting ensuring a stable landing in high heels!

One of my favorite shoots to date!




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