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It’s hard not to feel sad when I heard the news of his death on BBC news. HE is a legend. The only person that I came close to being a fan of. (though I’ve never been to his concert nor fainted for him) But the only 2 music artiste in the world that made a huge impression on my life since I was born are Michael Jackson & Madonna. Songs that I’ve listened to since I was a toddler and probably danced to their songs unknowingly. Now, everywhere I go, I hear him on the radio, in shopping centres, restaurants etc. Songs like Thriller, Bad, Billie Jean, Heal the World, Human Nature, bring back childhood memories of listening to his singing voice all the time and singing along to his tune.

The “Moonwalk” was the thing that every kid tried to imitate and be as smooth as MJ when he did it. I have to admit that I tried to Moonwalk too in my living room. I recall that when MJ came to Singapore to perform, i so wanted to attend his concert but the tickets were sooooo expensive and being a poor student at that time, I simply couldn’t afford it and dared not ask my parents if they could buy me tickets. But hearing the experience from my friends who were fortunate enough to attend his concert made me wish I was there experiencing his live performance. Nothing is as exhilarating as attending a live concert! I recently attended the Lady GAGA showcase and listening to her sing live was amazing, but that is another story to tell.

Seeing the sudden death of MJ due to a heart seizure simply reminded me of what happpened to my Dad 7 months ago. How one day you see the person and the next he is gone. I can imagine how close family and friends of MJ is feeling now. All I can hope is that my Dad will see MJ in heaven! 🙂



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