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Here’s more photos of mika’s date!

I love the photo of them playing even tho it’s blur! Gives movement ‘effects’!



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Mika And Her Blind Date!


Mika went on a blind date 2 weeks back to meet handsome Vivo! It was a rainy day so plans changed from having a romantic date at Marina Barrage to a nature meet up at the Botanic Gardens.

Mika: “I’m so excited meeting my second male Shiba. Will he be my potential mate? I wonder what he will be like? I hope he’s a looker and has good character! Hmm… But I can’t seem so eager when I see him. I must play the game and be slightly aloof! Great! That’s my plan.”

So when Vivo first arrived – he was late for his first date. (minus points, but I shall forgive him since it’s raining) Mika was very shy and took some time to warm up to him. But when she finally warmed up, they played ferociously and it was totally adorable! Chasing each other around and play fighting. Vivo is really big sized and Mika looks soooo tiny beside him! But Mika is more feisty then Vivo even though there’s a big difference in size!

Vivo and Mika had great chemistry and she’s looking forward to meeting up with him again! What a great start!

Here’s some photos of their blind date! I’ll post up more when I get others from another camera.


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