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Hello hello!

Visited DB Bistro by Daniel Boulud in Marina Bay Sands, one of the celebrity chef restaurants that is in Singapore! Was really excited to eat in his restaurant as I’m a Top Chef fan and heard so much about him through the reality series. His French-American style restaurant offers nice eats at an affordable price. If I remember correctly, the most expensive item on the menu was a Black Truffle crusted Dory ($45) which is ok for a main course.

The food there is good, but it can be better to hit my excellent restaurant list. Guess I expected more being a Daniel Boulud restaurant. But I must say, the desserts there are excellent! Especially the Sundae I had! Yummy! I would definitely go back for desserts!

For starters, there was
Tuna Tartare ($26) – yummy & I would have it again.
Foie Gras Terrine ($28) – this was so so, tasted like expensive pate.

Black Truffle Crusted Dory ($45) – it was not bad, the mash was delicious, would probably try something else next time.
DB Burger ($38) – house speciality of a burger patty stuffed with short ribs & a juicy piece of Foie Gras. This I would definitely order again!

Poached Pear – not bad for a ‘healthy’ sounding dessert
Baileys ice-cream Sundae – as I mentioned before this is super yummy with cookie bits & melt in your mouth milk gelee. Mmmmmm….
Mango ice-cream – the ice-creams here are homemade & fantastic!

Dinner was satisfying & I would definitely return to try the other items on the menu!


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The Amazing Coconut Man


Met this amazing coconut man who is so highly skilled that he can extract the coconut flesh without piercing through it and still keeping it’s fresh juice within this bubble of flesh! Words can’t describe how he does it, so just watch the video!


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My Kimchi Recipe

Hi all!

By special requests, I’m including my recipe to make kimchi! All thanks to Berinda’s mum who taught me the art of making kimchi.

Ingredients required

Chilli Paste :
4-5 shallots of small Asian onions (peeled)
1 bulb (7-8 cloves) of garlic (peeled)
1 inch of fresh Ginger
10-12 fresh whole chillies
2 cups of chilli pepper flakes
Spring onions, cut up in lengths of 2 inches
1 packet of roasted sesame seeds
Sugar to taste (3-5 tablespoons)

Pickled cabbage:
3 medium sized Wom Bok cabbage
1 radish (optional) cut up in cubes

To drain the water and start the fermentation of the vegetables, coat every leaf of the cabbage with a layer of salt and soak the cabbage in a little cold water. Coat the radish cubes with a layer of salt as well in a separate bowl and set both aside for 2-3 hours. Turning the vegetables every hour or so.

Rinse the salt off the vegetables after it has rested and water is drained out. Vegetables should be soft and limp.

To make the chilli paste, combine garlic, shallots of onions, ginger, fresh chillies in a food processor and blend till a paste. Hand stir in chilli flakes, sesame seeds, spring onions and sugar. The paste should smell like chicken rice garlic chilli.

Put on rubber gloves and use your hands to coat every leaf of the cabbage and every cube of radish with the chilli paste generously. Once all the vegetables are nicely coated with chilli paste, divde them into glass jars and set aside in room temperature for 1-2 days to allow it to ferment and then store it in the refrigerator.

Kimchi can be eaten freshly made or very fermented.

Enjoy your homemade kimchi!


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My first time Prawning


My friends and I decided to go prawning in Bishan one day & I decided to try it since I’ve never done it before! I must concur that it looks easy but it’s not! There’s actually a technique to hook up the prawns.

That night I only caught 1 measly prawn and I let a lot get away as I didn’t know how to “hook” them when they were nibbling on my bait. I’m not a naturally talented fisherwoman…

I’m happy with my lone catch though! And the biggest plus point for me that night was there were plenty of cats & dogs at the prawning village for me to play with!

Better luck next time! LOL…


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How to Make Kimchi Pancake

Hello all!

Kimchi pancake has always been my favorite appetizer dish in Korean restaurants and I always look forward to savoring it! So I decided to find out how to make it at home since I made my own homemade kimchi!

Turns out it’s super duper easy to make!

All you need is:
1/2 cup plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 cup chopped kimchi
3 tablespoons kimchi juice
1 shallot of small asian onion finely chopped
1/4 cup water

Put all of e above ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix it all up
Line the non stick pan with a layer of olive oil
Cook on medium heat on each side for about 5 minutes and Wah lah! U have a homemade kimchi pancake!

Enjoy this simple but yummy recipe!


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Robinson Waterfalls

Had a lot of things planned out for Day 2 –

  • Visit waterfalls (Robinson & Parit)
  • Visit Boh Tea Plantation
  • Visit the Rose Garden
  • Have tea & scones
  • Visit more strawberry plantations
  • Visit the Bee Farm (very disappointing)

Robinson waterfall was not really a waterfall to me, but at least Parit Waterfall made up for the Robinson one! That was all the hiking we did in Cameron Highlands 😛 My dream is to see a really big waterfall that will set me in awe! This is like a baby….

This is my 1st tea plantation visit (that I can remember, those that I went really young doesn’t count!) and it’s a beautiful sight from the top of the highlands. The drive up to the Tea Plantation was rather scary tho’.

I thought this “la3 ba1 hua1” or trumpet flower can look like a small hat! My own fashion….

The workers at the plantation hard at work under the hot sun sorting out fresh tea leaves.

This is the tea factory. It was a pity that production was not scheduled that day, so there was no tour of the inside of the factory. That would’ve been interesting!

After a hot long walk around the plantation, we sat down for an ice cold Boh Tea’s very own “Orchard Splash” it was so delicious that we had to buy some home to drink!

This is another tea plantation owned by Cameron Valley.

Pitcher plant in one of the strawberry farms

This muddy stream is at the Rose Valley. Don’t you think the water looks like Teh Tarik?

So many pretty flowers! I had a swell time taking tons of photos of and with the flowers!

This hibiscus flower is the biggest I’ve seen – it’s about 20cm in diameter!

I particularly love the name of this flower – High Heel Shoes flower! LOL!

Funnily, in the Rose Valley there was this “zoo” section where they kept Peacocks, Turkies, Rabbits & chickens.

The rabbit was so cute & craving for attention, the minute I squat down, it came up to me and wanted to be loved.

After that we headed to this Tea Shop for it’s famous tea & strawberry jam scones, it was delicious! I loved the jam & buttery scone.

That’s all we did on Day 2. No Bee Farm photos as it was so bleah that I didn’t take any pics at all!

Coming soon – Giant Cicada that visited us in our hotel room.



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Hello Everyone!

I’d like to share the wonderful time I had up in the highlands in Malaysia. I really miss the cool weather, relaxing atmosphere and friendly people there. And most of all the strawberries and fresh air!

The last time I went up to Cameron Highlands was when I was 4 or 5 years old! So U can imagine how NEW this place seems to me this time round.

Driving up to the highlands, we collected a lot of “passengers” along the way. Frequent SG-Malaysia drivers should get what I mean… ;P

My squashed free riders!

Finally after 6 hours of driving, we reached Cameron Highlands! First stop, lunch! Hungry… Stopped at this “Zhi Char” place where many locals frequent to find out what’s yummy in that place.

There’s this dish there called Sambal Belachan Asparagus Beans which is super delicious and I’ve never even heard of Asparagus Beans before. Have you? The beans are fresh, crunchy and taste nothing like asparagus. And U can never go wrong with Belachan fried vegetables.

After lunch, we settled in Equatorial Hotel. It’s not the most glamourous looking hotel but it’s at one of the highest points on the Highlands and every evening on the top floor, my balcony is surrounded by clouds! Imagine walking in clouds… so mystical!

After dumping our stuff down in the room, we headed to Big Red Strawberry Farm. Apparently the biggest strawberry farm in CH.

It was a rainy day which made it even colder but more shiok! I love the cold… Interestingly, every strawberry farm grows cactus for sale as well. Very pretty cacti!

“V” is for Victory!!!

Don’t these cacti look like roses?

BIG cactus – about the size of a beach ball!

Strawberries grown hydroponically

Who’s that big fat strawberry?

Unripe strawberries

Mmm… fresh…

The life cycle of a strawberry – See how the white flower slowly withers down to the core where the strawberry slowly grows bigger. I’ve never seen a strawberry flower before so cute & pure.

Feel so healthy in the farm seeing so much edible greens around me.

Can U spot what’s wrong with this poster?

Big Red’s famous strawberry sundae! Yummy!!! Strawberry sundae has never tasted better

My “trophy” hee hee…

After eating the yummy sundae and a very steep drive downhill, we headed to the street side market beside the hotel.

And when we reached there, clouds were everywhere! Pretty…

The minute you arrive at the Street Market, the wonderful aroma of sweet corn surrounds you as vendors grill freshly grown corn on the cob.

After snacking on sweet corn, we decided that we’ll buy some back to Singapore! Can U imagine going to CH to buy corn?! Hilarious!

That’s the end of day one and we turned in early from the long day.



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