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Just got back from a great dive trip in Bali! Visited the USS Liberty Wreck, Crystal Bay for the Molas & Manta Point for the graceful Mantas. Didn’t take any underwater photos this time as I purely wanted to enjoy the sights of the elusive Molas. The molas are simply amazing & beautiful, and such strange looking fish! And i’m so happy we were so fortunate to see so many of them underwater looking back at us!

More photos of us having fun around Bali will be posted up soon once it’s edited!



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Was told by numerous ppl that this thing abt someone abandoning the puppy mill is a damn bloody HOAX!

The person went down to check it out n it turned out to be some scam. Sigh… Things people do for “fun” at the expense of others!

That IDIOT out there who started this – u heard of Karma right? Don’t know how many kind dog loving people went down thinking to save some pups all because of this idiot who started this mass SMS. I too was thinking of going down before it’s too late but luckily didn’t waste my time.

Good thing is no puppies r being abandoned or put down. Bad thing is many people believed it n it’s still circulating…

Don’t understand how cruel some people are…

Visit dogmillrehomers


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Irresponsible breeders like this should be jailed!!! Let’s us be the responsible ones n save those puppies!!

Puppy mill breeder/owner @Pasir Ris has abandoned his breeding stock & puppies. Many breeds of various ages. Cavalier king charles, chihuahua, maltese, mini schnauzer, shih tzu, pomeranian, jack russell terrier, whippet, sheltie, golden retriever, labrador, silky, yorkie, poodle, beagle, british bull, cairn terrier. Pls help these dogs by passing tis msg ard to as many pple as poss or go to Pasir Ris Pet Farm Kennel 9 to hav a look for yrself (look for volunteer Taylor). Pls help as these poor doggies hav only 2 weeks (fr 3/5/2010) for a chance to lively they will be put to sleep. Be a good soul. Thanks!

This is a SCAM!!!! Or SPAM SMS…

Annoucement from dog mill rehomers:

It has come to our attention that an SMS has been spreading around: we would like to clarify a few things:

1) The DogMillRehomers will ONLY use our Facebook group page and this website as our medium of communication.

All other forms, be it via SMS, other blogs, emails etc are NOT affiliated NOR created by the DogMillRehomers. As such, that information could be potentially skewed and wholly inaccurate. Please disregard any and all information that you did not receive via this page or our Facebook page.

2) We understand that people want to help and contribute. We thank and appreciate you for that. However, coming down to the Kennel without prior appointment creates chaos and largely hamper and creates problems for our work.

Imagine a kennel filled with 30 people all gushing for the attention of a few volunteers who have to divide their attention between the welfare of the dogs and the vast amount of humans.

We are committed to serving the welfare of the dogs in the best way possible, and your sensitivity and consideration in this matter is imperative to the integrity of our project.


We assure you that visiting via appointments is critical to the project. Your kindness and generosity is the cornerstone to the success of the rehoming project. Please continue to contribute this way.

3) We will never put down any dogs. That is absolutely contrary to our mission and belief. We did not come all this way to go down that path.

Contingency plans are in place; please rest assured that the dogs will have a roof over their heads no matter what.



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Here’s more photos of mika’s date!

I love the photo of them playing even tho it’s blur! Gives movement ‘effects’!


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Mika And Her Blind Date!


Mika went on a blind date 2 weeks back to meet handsome Vivo! It was a rainy day so plans changed from having a romantic date at Marina Barrage to a nature meet up at the Botanic Gardens.

Mika: “I’m so excited meeting my second male Shiba. Will he be my potential mate? I wonder what he will be like? I hope he’s a looker and has good character! Hmm… But I can’t seem so eager when I see him. I must play the game and be slightly aloof! Great! That’s my plan.”

So when Vivo first arrived – he was late for his first date. (minus points, but I shall forgive him since it’s raining) Mika was very shy and took some time to warm up to him. But when she finally warmed up, they played ferociously and it was totally adorable! Chasing each other around and play fighting. Vivo is really big sized and Mika looks soooo tiny beside him! But Mika is more feisty then Vivo even though there’s a big difference in size!

Vivo and Mika had great chemistry and she’s looking forward to meeting up with him again! What a great start!

Here’s some photos of their blind date! I’ll post up more when I get others from another camera.


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Was at Pasir Ris Farmway the other day buying food for Mika and I spotted these beautiful flowers growing on these big plants!

A myriad of pink in this small plot of land which reminds me of cherry blossoms in japan. Although I’ve never seen cherry blossoms in japan before, I did see d actual trees in Las Vegas in the Bellagio.

If only we can see more pretty flowers blooming all over Singapore!


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Ants Infestation

Arghh…. My house has been ants/pests free for 2 years n now suddenly there’s ants invading my territory! First, there’s 1 or 2, a few hours later there’s a whole colony of them! Sprayed, stomped, traced the source, sprayed some more n I thought “settled!” but NO! A few days later they’re back with a vengence from a different location. Grrr…

I must get rid of them before they decide to be permanent residents! Now everyday when I get home, I get so paranoid n start checking everywhere for my lil “nemesis” before I settle down. I will persevere n hopefully they will give up soon n target a different territory!

Disturbed by ants,

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