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I’ve not been sleeping too well lately and been having the worse neck pains when I wake up in the mornings. Really hate having stiff neck, restricts movement & I can’t carry out my daily activities in peace. So when MyVisitDay.com asked if I was interested in attending a trial 60 minute facial or a 30 minute massage session at Spa Collection, I chose massage without thinking!

When I first stepped into Spa Collection at Causeway Bay Plaza 1, I was promptly greeted by friendly staff and they immediately signed me in. Thereafter, a lady showed me around the spa & I was amazed how huge the place was! It’s about 3700 sq. feet in total. It has numerous private massage rooms, 2 toilets, make-up corner, lockers & even a resting area for guests after their treatments.


IMG_2007I find this make up area a great idea as we always have our hair messed up, make-up smudged after a massage. Or even after a facial, you normally want to freshen up a little before leaving the spa. *thumbs-up*



I was showed into my own private massage room and it looked calming and peaceful with dim lighting & soft coloured wall paper.


I quickly changed out of my clothes and snuck a selfie before the treatment started. (who isn’t guilty of Selfies raise your hand!)


Now… I am all ready to start my massage! Before the massage started, the therapist asked which parts of my back hurts the most so that she can concentrate more on those parts. And I told her my neck and shoulder areas hurt the most from my late nights and bad sleep. I lay down on the massage table and the therapist started applying Lanius massage essential oils imported from England. This oil is supposed to help rid your body of water retention and expel toxins deep in your body. After, she used this very interesting looking massage rod called 排酸棒. (See picture below) She explained that this rod creates vibrations while rolling against your tight muscles which gives you a deeper tissue massage as compared to using your hands. It felt really good! Personally I enjoy strong and firm massages because my muscles are always tight and knotted. So this massage rod really did it for me as I could feel my knots loosening.



After 15 minutes, they took a photo of my back which only the left half was given the treatment. Visually, you can tell that the left side already looks slightly smaller and tighter – effects from the Lanius oil & massage rod ridding of toxins through my lymph-nodes. If you’re worried that the red marks caused by the massage rod won’t go away, don’t fret! They disappeared after a few hours for me.

IMG_2020I was happy to see it working so quickly & I could really feel my muscles relaxing. Now I really wished the massage lasted longer than 30 minutes as I could lay there forever and it felt so good! I left the place feeling happy and refreshed and wanting more. (it’s pretty addictive & I love massages!)

MyVisitDay is having an exclusive promotion from now till 31st May 2014 for Spa Collection. Those of you who want to give this treatment a try, do visit MyVisitDay.com and check out the latest promotions in Hong Kong! (remember to follow the steps on the webpage to redeem the offer!)



Spa Collection Booking Hotline: 31073102

Promotion is only valid at these locations:

  • 11/F, Siu Ying Commercial Building, 151-155 Queen’s Road Central
  • Unit B-D, 22/F, Prosperous Coml. Bldg, 54-58 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay
  • Room 1601, 16/F, Causeway Bay Plaza Phase 1, 489 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday : 12:00 to 9:00pm, Saturday+ Sunday+ PH: 10:00 to 7:00pm

Website: http://www.spacollection.hk

Remember to like their Facebook page too!

Treatment arranged by MyVisitDay & sponsored by Spa Collection

My Visit Day FB MyVisitDay Logo


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It’s coming up again – 25 May. A date that has been etched in my mind for years. There’s 2 significant events that happens on this date. One, is the day I joined Singapore Airlines and if I’m still working for them it will be my 8th year anniversary. Two, it’s my Dad’s birthday. The latter is obviously more the emotional one for me.

It’s my dad that made our birthdays really important. He created a family tradition to celebrate each of our birthdays (even though Mum’s and my brother’s birthday is only 3 days apart) with birthday cakes, cards, presents, family dinner outing & most importantly a family photo at the same spot in the house with each family member standing in almost the same position; the only difference is that we are a year older. He made me love birthdays! Who wouldn’t if you get to feel so special with your family and loved ones that day every year. As a result, everyone in my family remembers each other’s birthdays by heart and we still carry on this tradition even when my Dad isn’t around anymore.

This is possibility the reason why I feel sad when I don’t get a birthday cake on my birthday. It’s not because I love eating cake or I’m spoilt, it is because I always had one specially ordered by my parents every year. Not having one just breaks my Dad’s tradition.

Well, I know my Dad won’t be reading this post wherever he is now. But I still want to say Happy Birthday Dad and we miss you!





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Dress your iPhone 4 up in one of Kate Spade’s latest covers for iPhone 4! It offers great style and protection to your beloved phone! I’m using this case too as it’s sooo cute!


Price: SGD$80
Free Postage in Singapore only.

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Please Vote for Me!

Hello everyone!

Please vote for me!!! 🙂


beside the black ‘SEE ALL NOMINEES’ select from the list ‘The Ultimatum’ (its near the bottom), and select ‘Gigi (Jessica Tan)’.

key in the code below the ‘VOTE NOW’ button before voting. you can vote once a day till the 11th of april.



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IMG_0259 - berinda and jessica (first)

Hello everyone!

I just wanna say Congratulations to Vincent & Jacklyn!!! On their happy union. It was such an interesting wedding to attend as they had a Fairy Tale theme & they’re like the prince & princess in every fairy tale living happily ever after! The groom & his “brothers” even rented knights costumes to retrive the bride from the house! how innovative & fun! Held at Fullerton, it was perfect to their theme as it is such a romantic hotel to hold your wedding in, the food was great, the entertainment was wonderful & the lovely couple even took up ballroom dancing just b4 their wedding so that they can have the “Beauty & the Beast” like dance in the centre of the ballroom! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple!



P.S. Do look out for my diving trip in Maldives coming up soon!

IMG_0254 - jamie jack and jessica

IMG_0255 - jamie jack and jessica

IMG_0258 - berinda and jessica

IMG_0259 - berinda and jessica

IMG_0262 - berinda and san

IMG_0263 - jessica and boon

IMG_0268 - jessica and yanling

IMG_0256 - group shot

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Catch me on the cover of EZY Health magazine at all major pharmacies and the Watson’s store! Meanwhile, here’s some of the behind the scene shots of the photoshoot!













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This is one fatherly love that is hard to break. We all should learn from him. This video really brought tears to my eyes.

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I’m so sad that my very first laptop that I’ve ever had is dying! 😦
Sigh… bye bye pink Vaio aka Fairy Dust, U’ll always be my first!
So updating my blog with photos will be back soon when I’m done transferring all my data and getting an adaptor for a memory stick for my new laptop.

Coming soon… Durians & food in Tioman!

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Facelifting my Blog


My blog is currently undergoing a face-lift to create a more reader friendly environment for everyone out there! Please bear with it if u’re having trouble viewing the pages! Thanks!

More updates after the face lift is done!

Here’s a sneak peak!



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for my role in The Ultimatum, I’m required to bake a real professional cake! Hence the lesson! I’m not complaining as I love to bake!







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