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REGEN is a household name for most Koreans as they are the largest leading beauty medical group that provides services like plastic surgery, dermatology & dentistry. Since 2010 REGEN received the Grand Prize of Medical Korea every year and they are the no.1 brand in the plastic surgery part of the Korean Customer Satisfaction Index.

Dr. Kim Woo Jung, Director of REGEN Clinic, who is ahead of his time, went ahead and developed cosmetics to reflect the distinct characteristics of cosmetic surgery and help the cubic effect. As a result he founded a way to provide a off-the-counter mask to satisfy Asia’s thirst to achieve a small & cubic face through the 2 Step Synergy Effect Mask & V Fill-Up Mask.

I got myself some of their masks to try out and was eager to see the effects of a more V-Shaped and firmer face. (who doesn’t want a slimmer firmer face with smooth pore-less skin?!) Did some research and managed to find out the key ingredients used in their masks. As the packaging is entirely in Korean, I did up a simple table of the key ingredients in English to share with all of you!


The above list is for the 5 different mask types the REGEN has for the 2 Step Synergy Effect Masks. They all carry the same 2nd step mask for the V-Shaping effect. This mask uses Halophyte, which is an ingredient from the polar region, to help moisture circulation of the skin to provide a sharper face contour. It reduces water retention in the jawline area making the face look slimmer and more picture perfect.

I decided to try out the masks for pores first as I am most concerned with my open pores around my cheeks. The application of the mask is fairly straight forward with the only difference of the V-shaping mask in step 2. Since the instructions is entirely in Korean, this video helps a lot with the application of the mask just to ensure we are using it right.


Apply the sheet mask as Step 1




Step 2 – V-Shaping mask

Leave the mask on for a minimum of 20 minutes. I removed the step 1 mask after about 25 minutes but left the shaping mask on for an additional 10 minutes hoping to get better results.


Immediately, I went to the mirror to check my pores and miraculously they were shut tight. The exact results I wanted! As you can see from the photo below with my make-up free face.


That additional 10 minutes came up and I removed the step 2 mask. I could tell that my jawline was slightly smaller. So I used the mask again on the following night to enforce the results. This time I found jawline slimmer and sharper looking with the puffiness of water retention gone.

Results: I would say that this mask is really effective in both the pore reduction and V-shaping. Especially so for those of you who tend to have a rounder face from water retention and fatty deposits and not because of bone structure. (Why I emphasise on bone structure is because I have a squarer jawline on one side compared to the other and this won’t make my face magically symmetrical, just smaller and sharper) The pressure applied from the V-Shaping mask applies a comfortable but firm pressure that tightens the skin tone and flushes away excessive fluids in the unwanted areas including your double chin.

It’s no wonder that Paris Hilton unveiled that REGEN’s Synergy mask is her secret go-to mask especially on plane rides.

패리스힐튼 트라쇼_ 리젠 캡쳐

This mask is really worth a try and I am always a fan of home facials, using masks on myself every night to maintain a naturally healthy youthful looking skin. (A hardworking girl will always be beautiful ;P)

It is available in:

Hong Kong – Watsons  at HKD$187.50/box of 5 or HKD$37.50/piece

Singapore – http://www.hermo.sg/flagship/regencos.html at SGD$32.20/box of 5 or SGD$7/piece

Look out for my next blog post of REGEN’s V Fill-Up Mask for smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles on top of reshaping your face shape naturally.



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I have a terrible habit of grinding my teeth at night when I sleep and only found out about it in recent years. So I started reading up about it on WebMD and realized that it can be caused by stress, abnormal bite or crooked/missing teeth. I’m pretty sure mine is caused by my abnormal bite as my upper and lower jaw doesn’t line up symmetrically.

As a result, I often wake up with muscle aches along my jaw after a night of teeth grinding. And recently I’ve noticed that my face is looking more square too (looks like I’ve put on a lot of weight on my face). So I consulted Dr Kwan from Dermacare regarding this and from the last time I saw him in August till yesterday he actually noticed a huge difference in size of my jaw muscles. And Botox is recommended to shrink those muscles and stop those aches. He also recommended to use a bite guard once I Botox’d my jawline to stop my bad habit of grinding teeth and this is a long term solution to stop those terrible muscle aches and sometimes headaches. (I’m gonna collect my bite guard next week and will start using it immediately!)

What Botox does on the jaw muscles is that it paralyses those muscles and stop them from being active and they will shrink back to original size after a month or so. And I will start seeing results after 2 weeks. I took photos of myself yesterday before I got the Botox jabs and today 24 hours after receiving it. There was no obvious change in the size of the muscles but I did notice that my jawline does look slightly “softer” as compared to yesterday. Not as tense. And the best thing is… No aching jaw this morning!!!

After reading on about teeth grinding I learnt that it can get quite serious to the extent that the teeth are worn down to stumps and serious after effect will be felt when I’m old. So from now on, I’m gonna rely on that uncomfortable bite guard & hopefully prevent any detrimental damage to my teeth & jaw! No pain, no gain right?

If you are having the similar problems as me, do consider doing Botox on the jaw muscles to shrink them back to normal & buy a bite guard! Botox on the jawline at DermaCare costs SGD$1000/session and the effects can last till about a year or even longer with the bite guard.

Dr. Kwan also shared with me that after about 2 weeks where the effects of the Botox will be more visible, that DermaLift might be required to tighten up the skin around the cheekbone area after the muscles shrink and skin might look looser. But this is dependent on individuals and how elastic your skin is. DermaLift is the injection of small doses of Botox on the skin level to create a tightening of skin and give a “mini face lift”. This treatment is highly popular amongst brides who want to look their best on their BIG day! For DermaLift it’s SGD$600/session. And if you want this lift to be long lasting, Dr Kwan recommends 3 sessions of this.

If you are interested in trying this out, do give Dr Dennis Kwan a visit at their Ion Orchard clinic.

DermaCare Aesthetic & Laser Clinic
2 Orchard Turn #05-05 ION Orchard
Singapore 238801
(Enter from Lift Lobby A)

Operating Hours:
Monday through Sunday
11am to 9pm

Main Line: 66346328
Second Lines: 66346327/ 66346329

Visit their website at www.dermacare.com.sg

I simply can’t wait to see some results after 2 weeks! More photos then!




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